Zelensky tackles corruption by axing ministers, vowing ‘the state won’t show weakness’ | World | News

The move taken by the President on Tuesday saw a number of ministers dismissed from their roles and a ban on top officials from travelling abroad. A crackdown on civil servants also saw a wider ban on those managing to avoid the ban on travel of men of military age.

In the government shake up, nearly a dozen ministers and administration officials lost their jobs.

The move occurred following a series of public scandals which included figures from the ministry of defence and Zelensky’s aides.

Western allies of Ukraine have put pressure on the President to progress on war-time graft in order to receive vast foreign economic and military aid.

In his nightly address, Zelensky said that senior officials will no longer be able to secure exemptions from martial law in order to conduct official work, and that these people will have to remain in the country.

He added: “There are also personnel decisions. Ukraine will not show weakness. The state will not show weakness.”

According to the Ukrainian government, six cabinet ministers and five regional governours were sacked by the end of the day.

Deputy Prosecutor General Oleksiy Symonenko was one of these people who encouraged the President to implement a travel ban after her travelled to Spain for some winter sun.

Meanwhile, the deputy head of Zelensky’s presidential office, Kyrylo Tymoshenko gave in his resignation on Tuesday, but no reason was given.

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Meanwhile, a deputy minister at the infrastructure ministry, Vasyl Lozynsky was let go following his arrest which was led by the National Anti Corruption Bureau.

He was accused of accepting a bribe of $400,000 (£324 484) for setting up an exaggerated procurement contract for generators.

The Ukrainian government will be keen to keep these scandals to a minimum and out of the spotlight due to their reliance on foreign aid.

As the conflict with Russia is set to reach it’s one year anniversary next month, Zelensky will be keen to keep up the support for his nation in allied countries.

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