White Squirrel Brewery Set To Reopen At New Location

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – After closing in early 2020 due to capacity issues, and the pandemic, White Squirrel Brewery is set to reopen at its new location, currently Gasper Brewery in the Shakerag District.

“We are going to create a world-class brewery right here in Bowling Green and that size of a building gives us the opportunity to do that,” said Brian Mefford, White Squirrel Brewery co-owner.

The brewers are moving from a space of roughly 2,000 square feet to one of 9,000 square feet, which the brewers say gives them much more space for experimentation.

“There are so many opportunities to grow, where we were kind of limited in our old spot. Like, we’ll always have our Kolsch, our Nut Brown, and the Pale Ale, that’ll be right out the gate. The sky’s the limit on what we’re able to experiment with now, so I can’t wait,” said Sean Stevens, brewer and co-owner of White Squirrel Brewery.

While the space has increased, the local brewing company plans to focus on just that: brewing. They plan to leave dining options to local food trucks while attempting to pay homage to many of the food options that regulars knew and loved.

Stevens said, “As far as the food goes, we’re going to work with some local food trucks to recreate our food menu items periodically and eventually, you know, bring the food back, but we just want to focus on the beer at first. This is a brewery first, and that’s where our focus is.”

The brewers say they are excited to re-establish themselves as a gathering place for the Bowling Green community, and a space this large gives them the capacity to welcome more patrons into their space.

“Whether it’s the food, or the beer, or the venue, we just want it to be a place where it’s like Bowling Green’s living room,” said Mefford. “We want people to come there, enjoy themselves, bring their families, bring their dogs. We want this to be a vibrant part of our local community.”

The co-owners hope that, in addition to being a gathering place for community members, they can also utilize the space as a hub for local artists to showcase their work.

“We’ve been very serious and deliberate about making this a place where artists can be showcased, where we can celebrate community innovation,” said Mefford. “And so, when we’re redoing our space, we’ve got an eye open for ‘Where can new murals go?’ and ‘Where can white spaces go?’ that we can have exhibits periodically.”

The new location is expected to officially open on March 22, retaining the team from Gasper Brewery.

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