What is a Quad 1 win in college basketball? Explaining its significance

Quad 1 win is one of the terms most often mentioned ahead of Selection Sunday. With 68 teams chosen to participate in March Madness 2023, some might be baffled by the words and stats used. So what is a Quad 1 win?

According to Yahoo! Sports, the quadrant system helps the selection committee pick teams to make it to the NCAA tournament. This is based on NET rankings, which has been an evaluation tool used since the 2018-19 season.

There are four quadrants, but a Quad 1 win means it’s a huge victory. There are three quality wins that fall on Quad 1: win at home against teams ranked 1-30, win at a neutral venue against teams in the Top 50, and an away win against teams in the Top 75.

Chris Reynolds’ explanation on giving Houston the overall No. 2 wasn’t great Kansas had the No. 1 SOS and the most Quad-1 wins https://t.co/skFUI8ZlHS

While Quad 1 wins are important, Quad 1 losses don’t bear much wait. However, Quad 2, 3 and 4 losses mean more for the NET rankings, but the same can’t be said for wins on Quad 2, 3, and 4.

Quad 2 wins can be any of the following: a home win against teams ranked from 31st to 75th, neutral wins against the bottom half of the Top 100, and an away win against teams outside of the Top 75 until the 135th ranked team.

Quad 3 and Quad 4 wins have less meaning since they are not against quality teams. However, losing against a team outside of the Top 135 will likely have an effect on how the selection committee perceives a team.

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Kansas had the most Quad 1 wins

Kansas Jayhawks
Kansas Jayhawks

The defending NCAA champions Kansas Jayhawks had the most Quad 1 wins this season. They have a record of 17-7 in the quadrant, which easily topped the nation. It’s one of the reasons why they were named No. 1 for the West Region.

Texas came in second with a Quad 1 record of 14-8, but were just second to Houston in the Midwest Region. Alabama is third with a record of 13-5 and were named No. 1 team for the South Region.

Baylor had 11 wins, but was only third in the South behind Houston and Arizona. East Region’s No. 1 team Purdue had an overall quadrant record of 10-4.


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