Vince McMahon’s insane net worth revealed; currently ranked #1016 on the list of billionaires

Forbes has disclosed Vince McMahon’s current net worth.

Vince McMahon recently made his return to WWE and is now the Executive Chairman of the Board. He returned after an almost six-month hiatus following his retirement from the company last year.

As per Forbes, Vince McMahon‘s net worth is $3 billion as of January 23, 2023. McMahon is now ranked #1016 on Forbes’ real-time list of billionaires. To put it into context, Vince was ranked #1397 last year and his net worth was $2.2 billion back then.

Nick Khan’s thoughts on Vince McMahon

Following McMahon’s WWE return, Stephanie McMahon resigned as co-CEO of the company and Nick Khan is now the sole CEO. Khan had a lot to say about Vince in a recent interview, shortly after his return:

“My thought has always been that there’s only one boss at WWE and it ain’t me. Vince is obviously the founder, the creator of the company. He’s also the controlling shareholder, which is not a ‘work’ term. It’s a legal term. So it was always my point of view and Stephanie’s point of view that he would come back.”

Khan also opened up about how Vince handled the hush-money controversy:

“I think the way he played it, to me, was smart. He went away for five, six months. The audience seems to like when somebody does that. He came back and took control back of his company as the controlling shareholder. It is a public company, it is a publicly-traded company. But with that controlling share, gave him a lot of authority and he used it and I applaud him for doing so.” [H/T SEScoops]


McMahon has worked tirelessly over the past few decades to turn WWE into a multi-billion dollar global media conglomerate. WWE today boasts a massive fan following across the globe, and its combined social media following has crossed the one billion mark.

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