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A Ukrainian drone caused damage to an oil storage early on Sunday, resulting in a fire in one of the gasoline tanks, which was later extinguished, according to a statement from the regional governor.

The governor of the Oryol area, Andrei Klychkov, said on Telegram that there were no casualties and that all emergency services were on the scene.

He did not say whether the depot was hit by debris or was purposely targeted by the drone.

On the same day, Russia claimed to have foiled a coordinated Ukrainian invasion on Crimea, while drones hindered air traffic in Moscow.

In an attempt to disrupt Moscow’s war operations in this critical region, Ukraine has lately initiated a series of strikes on Russian military infrastructure in occupied Crimea and the facilities of the Russian Navy Black Sea Fleet.

Furthermore, deep inside Russia, away from the front lines, there has been an uptick in attacks, with Moscow’s mayor saying that at least two drones were intercepted in the capital region early on Sunday.


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