Two 10ft green aliens landed in our back garden – and we have pictures of EXACTLY what we saw

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A FAMILY of four have claimed a group of aliens crash landed in their garden – and have “photo” evidence.

The Kenmore family, of Las Vegas, called 911 in April only moments after a police camera caught a “fireball” plummeting to earth.

They've broken their silence after


They’ve broken their silence afterCredit: Inside Edition
The family presented similar drawings to the press of what they saw


The family presented similar drawings to the press of what they sawCredit: Inside Edition

Teen Angel Kenmore and his brother Joshua said they felt a massive shake as something hit the ground, and were hit by a “shockwave”.

After the initial shock, the brothers said the backyard was “blurry” and heard thousands of footsteps around him.

The two ran indoors, where they remained until Angel and Joshua went to get his toolkit from the yard later.

That’s when the two saw the alien: “He has weird-looking feet and a big face and eyes and you could see a big mouth.

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“I could hear his loud deep breathing and see his stomach move.”

Angel dialled 911 in a panic and said: “They’re very large. 9 feet, 10 feet. They look like aliens to us. Big eyes. They have big eyes

“And they’re not human. They’re 100%, they’re not human.”

Officers arrived, and one said he had also seen something crash earlier in the evening.

Multiple clips from police body cameras and dashboard cams revealed something blazing in the sky.

Furthermore, a “perfect circle” was found in the family’s backyard, further convincing the family of four that they had encountered something extraterrestrial.

The Kenmores told Inside Edition that the creatures were “green-grey” in colour and months on, they are still haunted by what they witnessed.

The family showed their evidence of what they saw in a series of sketches shown to the press.

Angel, Joshua and his father all presented eerily similar drawings of tall, lanky alien creatures with “antennae” ears.

Their tale has caused many alien lovers to flock to their home in search for answers.

Their attorney Sam Heidari said: “They didn’t want this publicity. The only thing they did was report it to the police.”

But Heidari said of his client’s bizarre claim: “I believe that they believe that it was real.”

The Kenmore family’s tale comes as “two alien corpses” from “1000 years ago” were shown at a UFO hearing by Mexico’s congress.

UFO enthusiast Jaime Maussan led the reveal at Congress, as he testified under oath claiming that the mummified figures are not a part of “our terrestrial evolution,” and are still unknown.

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He said the bodies, known as the Nazca mummies, are believed to be over 1,000 years old – and contain rare metals.

The "alien craft" was spotted on a dash camera


The “alien craft” was spotted on a dash cameraCredit: Inside Edition
Police seemed to corroborate their claims


Police seemed to corroborate their claimsCredit: Las Vegas Metro Police Department
Police cameras caught something falling in the sky that night


Police cameras caught something falling in the sky that nightCredit: Twitter/@8NewsNow
A perfect circle was found in the backyard


A perfect circle was found in the backyardCredit: YouTube
All three witnesses drew similar photos


All three witnesses drew similar photosCredit: Inside Edition

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