TikToker claims she got plastic surgery so her kids would inherit her new nose… and everyone’s saying the same thing

A WOMAN has been mercilessly mocked online after saying she got plastic surgery so that her future kids will inherit her “nice” new nose.

Fiore Ciminello, 19, was keen to show off her results after going under the knife for a rhinoplasty procedure – that she claims to have had done for the benefit of any offspring she may have.

Fiore Ciminello claimed she had the op so her future kids are born with a nice nose


Fiore Ciminello claimed she had the op so her future kids are born with a nice noseCredit: @fioreciminello_/CEN
The 19-year-old influencer was quickly corrected by amused social media users


The 19-year-old influencer was quickly corrected by amused social media usersCredit: @fioreciminello/CEN

The influencer, from Argentina, shared a TikTok video from her hospital bed on February 1 just hours after the operation.

She smiles while debuting her reconstructed nose for her 162,100 followers – although it remained bound by bandages.

Fiore then hilariously captioned the video: “Me getting a rhinoplasty so that my children are born with a nice nose.”

To add to the amusement, she sang along and danced to ‘You’re Welcome’ from the soundtrack of the popular Disney film Moana.

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The clip racked up a whopping 314,500 views.

Social media users were left in stitches at the TikToker’s slip-up and teased her in the comment section.

One said: “The headline is going to be the best: Woman denounces her surgeon for fraud because her children were not born with the nose he gave her.”

Another sarcastically joked: “I dyed my hair blond so that my children will also be blond.”

And a third quipped: “That’s why I didn’t get a tattoo, I don’t want my children to be born with tattoos.”

Some suggested that the teenager’s comment may have been tongue in cheek.

Fiore eventually turned off her comments after being swamped by people correcting her.

Fiore typically shares videos of herself dancing along to pop songs or taking part in online trends on her TikTok page.

She also shares stunning snaps of herself on her Instagram page, which has over 6,500 followers.

We previously told how a woman was left looking like an Avatar after forking out for rhinoplasty to get her dream nose.

Julia Madeline, from the US, was struggling to breathe due to a medical condition known as a deviated septum.

But after finding a plastic surgeon who would fix her hooter, she was less than impressed with the results after three weeks.

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And this beauty fan was left gutted after people told her she looked better before getting a £5,000 nose job.

Sorcha Jane Farnan told trolls to keep their comments to themselves after they made swipes about the results of her cosmetic procedure.

Fiore boasts over 162,000 TikTok followers


Fiore boasts over 162,000 TikTok followersCredit: @fioreciminello/CEN

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