Streamers laud Trainwreckstv’s innovative idea for clips on Kick, TikTok-style approach set to launch in a day

Tyler “Trainwreckstv” recently took to Twitter to announce that Kick’s very own clips system will be up and running within the next 24 hours. At the time of writing, less than 12 hours remain before the deadline, but here is why the news has excited so many people.

According to Tyler, Kick’s clip system will differ from that of Amazon-owned Twitch, as they take a more Tiktok-like approach to boost discoverability. The idea has been received with much enthusiasm from a vast number of creators and streamers.

Twitch creator and former Riot employee Blaustoise hailed it as an amazing idea, saying he has been waiting for a dedicated clips section on platforms for some time.

@Trainwreckstv actually an amazing idea. been waiting for just a pure clips tabs with daily highlights, viral clips, etc

“I didn’t like Twitch’s stale clips system”: Trainwreckstv explains why Kick’s clip system will improve on Twitch

Since its inception as a fledgling streaming platform, Stake-owned Kick has inevitably drawn comparisons with its much more popular and older counterpart, Twitch.

However, the similarities invited a lot of criticism too, with many calling it a clone of the purple platform as the “browse” section and the design of the whole website still looks quite similar to that of Twitch with green skin rather than purple.

However, if Trainwreckstv’s recent announcement is anything to go by, the clips system, one of the key features missing from Kick, is making some changes to the old formula.

The streamer revealed that he had no affinity for Twitch’s system because there is no dedicated page to track clips that go viral, and most in the community rely on social media platforms such as Reddit or Twitter to keep track of which one is gaining traction. To that end, they will be implementing a “TikTok-like” strategy which should, according to Trainwreckstv, boost growth:

*IMPORTANT* i didn’t like twitch’s stale clips sytem that requires us to view reddit to see trending clips, so we’re working to add a “tiktok-like” system for discoverability on clips to help all creators expand their reach to help with growth.

‘CLIPS’ TO RELEASE IN ~24 hours.*IMPORTANT* i didn’t like twitch’s stale clips sytem that requires us to view reddit to see trending clips, so we’re working to add a “tiktok-like” system for discoverability on clips to help all creators expand their reach to help with growth.

The comment about the clips system drew the attention of former Twitch staff Bryan Wade, who is apparently responsible for the current system on the platform. In reply to him, Trainwreckstv clarified that while the mechanics to clip parts of the stream were more than fine, he doesn’t like how the platform lacks any discoverability that can help clips and creators grow. The streamer explained:

“Nah, the system of clipping and the clips themselves are good, you did fantastic, beyond fantastic to be honest, you know I love you – what I’m taking a jab at is the lack of discoverability surrounding clips – I don’t want to have to visit the toxic sh*t caves of Reddit to see what’s trending, I’d rather stay on the respective platform I am streaming from.”

Trainwreckstv explains why he doesn't like Twitch clips (Image via Twitter)
Trainwreckstv explains why he doesn’t like Twitch clips (Image via Twitter)

@stale2000 what’s trending, i’d rather stay on the respective platform i am streaming from.

Some more reactions to Kick’s new clips system

As mentioned before, the decision to implement a revamped system with a dedicated clips section on Kick, like the “For You Page” on TikTok, has been positively received by many in the streaming community. Here’s a brief sample of some of the many reactions on Twitter:

@Trainwreckstv Real smart idea honestly, but I think Twitch will probably end up copying it

@Trainwreckstv W Feature. Twitch has literally no algorithm for organic growth

@Trainwreckstv One thing i’d love to see, Back on Mixer there was a channel dedicated to Battle royal that would rotate to random channels as there in the “top ten” and had a chance to win. Would love to see your take on this.

@Trainwreckstv That sounds awesome having a vertices carosell system for clips would be great to keep engagement, discoverability and good for future ads. Good that you’re working on the foundations than trying to shove ads down everyone’s throats. W Kick

While many hope that Kick will grow as a rival to big streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube, there is still a long way to go, particularly in the moderation department. Here are some of the recent controversies on the platform that have raised many eyebrows.

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