Sources reveal that the Sudanese army will seize smuggled weapons and ammunition.

According to military sources, on Friday evening the Sudanese armed forces confiscated weapons and ammunition smuggled in from another country.

Sources said that the Defense Intelligence Agency has documented the activities of an arms-smuggling group in the Red Sea state that is working to bring weapons and ammunition into the eastern regions and deliver them to the Rapid Support Forces.

It also indicated that a military intelligence unit had confiscated weapons and ammunition south of Suakin, in the Red Sea state, from a foreign country, Al-Arabiya correspondent in Port Sudan reported.

It also added that Sudanese army forces are currently operating in the area to monitor teams that deal with the Rapid Support Forces to bring supplies to the latter from outside.

“Let’s Arm the Pensioners”

The developments come after Sudan’s Defense Ministry earlier on Friday urged pensioners to go to the nearest military command to arm them.

The ministry reaffirmed in a statement that arming the pensioners is aimed at keeping themselves and their families safe.

No time limits

She also pointed out that urban fighting has no time limit, stating that the “rebellion” relies on the townspeople as human shields.

The Rapid Support Forces were also accused of sacking UN headquarters and attacking Arab and foreign embassies.

This came after both sides announced improved compliance with the truce and reduced fighting, especially in the capital Khartoum.

It also came amid calls from the US and Saudi Arabia to move ahead with the commitments agreed by the two sides in the Jeddah Ceasefire Agreement in order to reach a solution.

over 850 dead

It is noteworthy that since the outbreak of hostilities between the army and the Rapid Support Forces on April 15 (2023), the humanitarian crisis in the country has worsened and more than 1.3 million people have been forced to leave their homes. More than 850 people died and thousands were injured.

While acts of looting and looting have proliferated in the country due to the state of security chaos that Sudan has suffered since the beginning of the crisis and due to clashes between the two most powerful military forces in it.

Dozens of previous truces have not taken place, but now all hopes are pinned on the latest truce, especially since both sides signed it, realizing that there is no solution other than dialogue, and that there will be no immediate victory for either side, the United Nations believes.

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