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Bray Wyatt wanted WWE to sign a top female star way before she made a name for herself in the ring.

Zelina Vega has had two stints with WWE so far and is doing quite well for herself during her current (second) reign. Many fans aren’t aware that Vega had a bunch of tryouts with WWE before bagging a deal with the promotion.

Zelina Vega recently had a chat with Steve Fall of Wrestling News and shared a bunch of memories involving the late Bray Wyatt. She revealed that Bray Wyatt was impressed with her work while watching a tryout match of hers. Here’s what Vega said:

“He started a Thea chant! He started cheering for me during the match and it was right as I was hitting my comeback. And he was getting everybody else involved and everybody at that point was cheering for me. And then they started clapping after the match was done, and he led that, he led that whole thing. And then I see him walk up to who was in charge of TR at the time, Talent Relations, and he said, ‘She should be with us! That girl, right there! She’s been working her a** off like she deserves to be with us.’ And I was like, ‘Whoa! Bray Wyatt just said that! That is the coolest freaking thing ever!’” [From 19:42 to 20:19]

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Bray Wyatt and Zelina Vega were involved in a scary segment back in 2020

Shortly after Wyatt aligned with Alexa Bliss, the duo was drafted to WWE RAW. Bray and Alexa attacked Andrade and Zelina Vega on the October 12, 2020, episode of WWE RAW. The segment saw Bliss hitting a Sister Abigail on Vega while Wyatt put Andrade down.


Zelina Vega has come quite far over the years. She won the WWE Queen’s Crown two years ago. She is also a former Women’s Tag Team Champion.

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