Set The Mood With Valspar’s 2023 Paint Colors Of The Year

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Valspar’s 2023 paint color picks do have their foundation in psychology. Dr. Mary Gregerson, the President of the American Psychology Association’s Society for Environment, Population, and Conservation Psychology told Architectural Digest: “Color affects you totally, with both your mind and your body responding together to the outside stimulus.”

There are generalizations about different colors based on anecdotal evidence. Blue, for instance, is thought to be very calming. According to Country Living, blue is also supposed to help lower your blood pressure, slow your breathing, and “calm your mind,” making it an ideal bedroom color. One study published in the Frontiers of Psychology shows that blue walls were actually preferred and were felt to “facilitate studying activity” when used in a college dorm room setting. Pink, Country Living, is also said to be very calming the more you spend time in it.

However, before you rush to repaint your room one of Valspar’s colors of the year, you’re going to want to consider how a color makes you feel. “Each person responds uniquely to different colors,” Gregerson explained to Architectural Digest. “Individual differences need to be considered, first, and foremost, when considering how paint colors affect people.” Setting and lighting, Gregerson adds, also have a major factor in how a color is felt. For instance, in her experience green feels “less positive” than neutrals in urban settings, the ties to the environment too stark a contrast to city life.

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