Sami Zayn survives; Brock Lesnar returns

WWE RAW XXX had some massive matches set for the show as the creative team went all out on Monday night. Sami Zayn went through a trial at the hands of The Tribal Chief after WWE scrapped The Bloodline Acknowledgement Ceremony.

Becky Lynch and Bayley were set to compete inside a steel cage on the show. However, the match was scrapped, possibly because of the lack of time on the show. Dakota Kai and IYO SKY attacked Lynch before the match, as Damage CTRL punished her even more to end the segment.

Austin Theory defended his United States Championship against Bobby Lashley. Meanwhile, several legends appeared throughout the night to make things more exciting for fans.

Take a look at the five things WWE RAW XXX got right this week.

#5. The Trial of Sami Zayn on WWE RAW XXX

Sami Zayn was put to the test on WWE RAW.
Sami Zayn was put to the test on WWE RAW.

The Trial of Sami Zayn was arguably the biggest announcement for WWE RAW XXX. After Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart started the show, the creative team immediately jumped into the segment.

Roman Reigns came out with the rest of The Bloodline. Paul Heyman ripped into Zayn and claimed he was with Kevin Owens from the start. He showed some clips to prove his point and said that Zayn wanted to supplant Reigns as The Tribal Chief.

The Honorary Uce said that he was hurt that this was happening to him after all he had done for The Bloodline. Reigns gave the verdict by telling Solo Sikoa to take him out with the Samoan Spike before Jey Uso intervened.

He spoke up for Zayn and played a video to show how loyal The Honorary Uce had been to the family. Reigns changed his mind and said that Zayn was not guilty – for now. However, he would have to prove his loyalty at the Royal Rumble.

The segment was slow and well done. Jey Uso jumping in to save Zayn from the Samoan Spike was the cherry on the cake. The storyline has become even more entertaining, and it will be interesting to see if Sami betrays Roman at Royal Rumble.

#4. The Usos retained their RAW Tag Team Championship thanks to Sami Zayn

Jey Uso's trust in Zayn paid off.
Jey Uso’s trust in Zayn paid off.

The opening segment bled into The Usos’ RAW Tag Team Championship defense against Judgment Day. Jimmy Uso and Damian Priest squared off, and The Usos took control of the contest early on WWE RAW XXX.

Priest sent Jimmy onto the announcers’ desk before being isolated by Judgment Day. The champion bounced back and hit a few good moves before sustaining a knee injury.

It looked like The Usos would have to forfeit their titles as Jimmy could not compete, but Sami Zayn stepped up and asked Adam Pearce to let him fight. Sami was all fired up throughout the contest and hit a few explosive moves.

Rhea Ripley interfered in the match, allowing Priest to hit Zayn with the South of Heaven. Dominik attempted the 619, but Jey rocked him with a Superkick. Ripley caused another distraction, but Zayn helped Jey stay alive in the match.

Jey and Sami teamed up to hit 1D on Dom to pick up a massive win to retain the RAW Tag Team Championship for The Usos.

This was another great segment that built Zayn up in The Bloodline. He saved The Usos from losing their titles just minutes after nearly being taken out by the faction. It added more depth to the story and showed that Sami was ready to do anything for the family. Working alongside Jey to save the titles made things even sweeter.

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#3. Imperium got a taste of its own medicine on WWE RAW XXX

DX got a realistic segment on WWE RAW XXX.
DX got a realistic segment on WWE RAW XXX.

D-Generation X came out on WWE RAW XXX before Kurt Angle joined them and said he always wanted to be a part of the faction. Triple H said that he would have to pass the test before Imperium walked out to the ring.

GUNTHER said that he wanted to make the mat sacred again before challenging the veterans to a match. One by one, all members of DX backed out, saying they were old and retired. Kurt Angle tried to ignore the entire scenario before Seth Rollins, and The Street Profits came out to answer the challenge.

Teddy Long made the match official, and Angle joined in as the guest referee. Giovanni Vinci fought off Seth Rollins and Montez Ford for his side before the Profits took control of the contest.

GUNTHER went after Angle for being biased and punished his opponents with some big moves. The Profits fired back, and Rollins took out GUNTHER with a pedigree.

Vinci suffered the finishing moves from the babyfaces as Rollins, and The Street Profits emerged victoriously. Surprisingly, Vinci took the fall again to lose the match for his team on RAW.

This was another solid match and segment that lit up WWE RAW XXX. All the men involved played their part well, and it was great to see D-Generation X accept that they were too old to fight now.

#2. The Undertaker passed the torch to Bray Wyatt

LA Knight came out on WWE RAW and took some shots at Bray Wyatt. He asked any of the legends in the back to show up and face him in the ring.

The lights went out, and The Undertaker’s gong echoed. The Deadman rode to the ring on a bike to stun the former Million Dollar Champion.

Knight tried to talk his way out of the situation before Wyatt showed up in the ring. Taker grabbed Knight by the throat and shoved him into Wyatt, who hit him with Sister Abigail.

Wyatt and The Undertaker stared each other down before The Deadman whispered something to The Eater of Worlds and walked out on RAW.

Knight has done extremely well as a heel, but one can hope that he doesn’t get turned into another Baron Corbin. The Undertaker shoved Knight into Bray Wyatt, and it looked like he was passing the torch onto the former Universal Champion. Fans have compared the two men in the past, and it was wise of the creative team to book this segment.

#1. Brock Lesnar returned to cost Bobby Lashley the United States Championship match

Several fans knew something was on the cards after Austin Theory’s United States Championship match against Bobby Lashley was turned into a No Disqualification Match. The two men competed in the main event of WWE RAW XXX.

The All Mighty took control early and threw Theory into the barricades before the young superstar hit back with some suplexes. Theory tried to use a steel chair, but Lashley sent him outside the ring.

The US Champion broke the Hurt Lock ad and stayed alive even though Lashley was clearly on top in the match. He sprayed The All Mighty with a fire extinguisher and sent him into the steel steps.

Lashley put Theory through a table before Brock Lesnar made his return. The Beast Incarnate hit Lashley with an F5 before hitting another to Theory on top of him, allowing the young superstar to pin him for the win on RAW.

Lesnar’s return changes the mood of the show once again. He will probably face Lashley at the upcoming Royal Rumble match to settle who is the real monster in the company. Surprisingly, Omos or MVP did not come out to help The All Mighty in this situation.

Rhea Ripley just said she’d love to enter the men’s Rumble. Watch Lashley’s hilarious reaction here

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