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A pro-Kremlin reporter in Ukraine captured the moment she got in hit on camera during fierce fighting near the Donbas town of Soledar. The shooting reportedly took place during a gunfight between Ukrainian and Russian forces not far from the town of Soledar which the Kremlin has claimed to have full control over.

The incident is said to have left Yelsukova “seriously injured” according to Russian state media.

In Yelsukova’s recording, she can be heard saying: “There is a gun battle right next to us.”

Moments later the crack of a round can be heard whizzing past before Yelsukova suddenly yells out in pain.

She cries out: “Help me! F***!”

Nearby Wagner soldiers can be seen rushing in to offer her first aid and pull her out of the firing line.

Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin later praised the reporter’s reaction to being wounded.

Yelsukova is said to have suffered a shrapnel wound to her knee, according to The Daily Beast.

Separate videos and pictures have surfaced on social media which appear to show the reporter being treated at the scene before being stretched out and shown recovering in a hospital.

Mr Kristofferen warned that despite the heavy losses “Russia is able to continue (this war) for quite a long time”.

On Sunday, the Norwegian army chief concluded that Russia‘s mobilisation and arms production capacities could keep the Kremlin in the fight for a long while.

Mr Kristofferen pointed out that while the Russian airforce has played a limited role in the conflict “thanks to Ukrainian anti-aircraft defences,” he is concerned that this may change.

He said: “What worries most is whether Ukraine is going to be able to keep the Russian air force out of the war.”

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