Russia-Ukraine war live: woman and child killed in Dnipro and residential building hit in Uman amid wave of Russian strikes | Ukraine

Woman and child killed in Dnipro

An attack on the central Ukrainian city of Dnipro early on Friday killed a woman and a three-year-old child, the city’s mayor said.

“A young woman and a three-year-old child have been killed,” Borys Filatov said on Telegram. Filatov gave no further details of the attack or of other damage and casualties.

Russian attacks struck Ukrainian cities after midnight in a wide arc extending from the capital Kyiv through central Ukraine and the southern region of Mykolaiv, Reuters reports.

Key events

The air raid alert has also stopped in Kherson, according to the Kherson Regional State Administration on Telegram.

No casualties in Kyiv – Kyiv City Military Administration

The Kyiv City Military Administration (KMBA) says that there were no casualties in Kyiv during this morning’s attacks. The air raid alarms have ceased in Kyiv.

The KMBA posted on Twitter:

After a pause lasting 51 days, the enemy launched another missile attack on Kyiv. (The last missile attack on the capital was on March 9, 2023)

According to the information being clarified, the shelling was carried out from strategic aviation planes. According to preliminary data, 11 cruise missiles were destroyed in the airspace of Kyiv. In addition to the missiles, 2 more UAVs were shot down (the type of drones is being established).

Previously, as a result of falling debris, a local power line was cut off and the road surface was damaged in the Obolon district of the capital.

There were no casualties among the civilian population and no destruction of residential facilities or infrastructure. The information is checked and clarified.

Five injured in Uman strike

Five people have been confirmed injured in the Russian cruise missile strike on a high-rise residential building in the city of Uman, in central Cherkasy region, the governor Ihor Taburets has just said on Telegram.

“So far, as a result of the rocket attack on Uman, we have 5 injurues. They are in the hospital,” said Taburets.

In a shocking video made by a resident of the high-rise building struck by a Russian missile early this morning in Uman, Ukraine, she says, her face and hands flecked with blood, “A rocket hit our home. We’re all covered in blood. Children slept here, thank God we’re all alive. All our windows are gone. We’re all covered in blood. I was so scared.”

The woman is visibly upset and films the damage caused to her apartment, with windows blown from their hinges and glass everywhere.

This morning’s wave of attacks by Russia acrosss Ukraine come a day after the Kremlin said it would welcome anything that could bring the end of the conflict closer, referring to a telephone call between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Wednesday.

It was the first time the leaders had spoken since Russia invaded Ukraine in February last year.

But the Kremlin also said still needed to achieve the aims of what it calls a “special military operation”.

Woman and child killed in Dnipro

An attack on the central Ukrainian city of Dnipro early on Friday killed a woman and a three-year-old child, the city’s mayor said.

“A young woman and a three-year-old child have been killed,” Borys Filatov said on Telegram. Filatov gave no further details of the attack or of other damage and casualties.

Russian attacks struck Ukrainian cities after midnight in a wide arc extending from the capital Kyiv through central Ukraine and the southern region of Mykolaiv, Reuters reports.

Here is the Reuters report on the strike on Uman:

Pictures on social media showed an apartment building ablaze early on Friday in the central Ukrainian town of Uman, and police in the region said emergency services were operating.

The pictures, posted on various news and other websites, showed flames shooting out from a heavily damaged building in the town. Parts of the building had collapsed.

Zoya Vovk, a police spokesperson in the surrounding region, said emergency teams were operating. There were no details of casualties.

Emergency services at site of Uman residential building

We now have official confirmation of the strike on a high-rise building in Uman, in the Cherkasy region.

Ihor Taburets, Head of the Cherkasy oblast Military Administration has posted on Telegram saying that a cruise missile hit the building, and that emergency services are at the site. Taburets said: “This morning, the occupiers attacked Cherkasy. We have two cruise missile hits in Uman: a residential building and warehouse buildings. We are finding out the consequences. All services are available on site. The air alert continues.”

There are distressing videos emerging on social media of the aftermath of the strike on the residential building. We don’t have word yet of casualties or injuries.

The Kyiv Independent is now reporting that the air defence systems are at work in Kyiv and that people should remain in shelters.

⚡️Air defense active in Kyiv Oblast.

Air defense is at work in Kyiv Oblast in the early hours of April 28, according to Kyiv Oblast Military Administration. The administration urges residents to remain in shelters due to the threat of missile attacks.

— The Kyiv Independent (@KyivIndependent) April 28, 2023

A missile has reportedly hit a high-rise building in Uman, in the Cherkasy region on central Ukraine. Euromaidan, Kyiv Operativ and Faytuks news have posted videos of the reported attack, which shows a large part of a residential building totally blown apart. It is unknown at this stage how many people were inside.

The Guardian has, however, not independently verified this report or the video below, though several local media organisations have shared it online:

Euromaidan reports that eight cruise missiles have been launched at Ukraine – we’re seeing reports of missiles launched from the Caspian Sea, south-east of Ukraine.

The Guardian could not verify these reports.

As of 05:10 a.m.
Four Tu-95ms strategic bombers launch 8 cruise missiles each.
Air defence work continues where missiles detected.
There were no launches from the sea, as well as repeated launches from the air.

— Ukraine Front Lines (@EuromaidanPR) April 28, 2023

Explosions heard in Kyiv – report

A bit more detail now from Reuters: Explosions sounded in Kyiv and the region surrounding the capital early on Friday, Interfax Ukraine and local telegram channels reported.

There were no details on which targets had been struck after midnight or of damage and casualties. The city’s military administration said anti-aircraft units were in operation.

Earlier reports said cities stretching from central Ukraine to southern Mykolaiv Region had been hit by explosions after air raid alerts were declared throughout the country.

Explosions in Kyiv – reports

Reuters is now reporting explosions in Kyiv, citing Interfax Ukraine and local telegram channels.

The British Ambassador to Ukraine, Melinda Simmons, who appears to be in Kyiv at the moment, wrote that she heard “bangs”:

Given up trying to sleep. Headed to windowless room with a book after hearing a bang outside. The joys of dawn air raids by 🇷🇺 on 🇺🇦.

— Dame Melinda Simmons (@MelSimmonsFCDO) April 28, 2023

“Given up trying to sleep. Headed to windowless room with a book after hearing a bang outside,” she said.

Several people and accounts on Twitter are reporting that explosions have been heard in Kyiv, though the Guardian and news agencies have not yet been able to verify this.

Euan MacDonald, an editor at New Voices of Ukraine, wrote on Twitter, “4:42 something passing over Kyiv, then bangs – two”. Flash news said that subscribers had heard explosions in Kyiv.

4:42 something passing over Kyiv, then bangs – two. Then a big bang, far off. Then another one. No air alert.

— Euan MacDonald (@Euan_MacDonald) April 28, 2023

Iuliia Mendel, a former spokesperson to Volodymyr Zelenskiy, has just posted on Twitter saying that in Kyiv it is, “Very loud outside. Noises of missiles flying, explosions.”

Very loud outside. Noises of missiles flying, explosions. Kyiv or the region

— Iuliia Mendel (@IuliiaMendel) April 28, 2023

Air raid sirens sound in Kyiv and across Ukraine

In the early hours of Friday morning, air raid sirens sounded across Ukraine, including in Kyiv, as people headed to shelters. Interfax Ukraine news agency reported explosions in cities in widely separated regions, quoting local sources.

Interfax said explosions were reported after midnight in Dnipro, Kremenchuk and Poltava in central Ukraine and in Mykolaiv in the south and another online source reported an explosion in Kyiv region. Interfax quoted regional Telegram accounts as saying unidentified airborne objects were headed for the west of the country.

Opening summary

Welcome back to our live coverage of the war in Ukraine. In the early hours of Friday morning, air raid sirens sounded in Kyiv and across Ukraine, with explosions reportedly heard in Dnipro and in the Potava region – the Guardian has not been able to verify the explosions yet.

We’ll have more on this shortly. In the meantime, here are the other key recent developments:

  • The parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe has voted that the forced detention and deportation of children from Russian occupied territories of Ukraine is genocide.

  • At least seven civilians were killed and 33 injured between Wednesday and Thursday, Ukraine’s presidential office said, including one person killed and 23 wounded when four Kalibr cruise missiles hit the southern city of Mykolaiv.

  • Russia said its patience should not be tested over nuclear weapons in another repeat of hardline rhetoric. Russian foreign ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said that Russia will do “everything to prevent the development of events according to the worst scenario … but not at the cost of infringing on our vital interests”.

  • The Biden administration is sanctioning Russia’s Federal Security Service for wrongfully detaining Americans. The sanctions are largely symbolic, since the organisation is already under sweeping existing sanctions for the invasion of Ukraine.

  • Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said Russia welcomed anything that could hasten the end of the Ukraine conflict when asked about Wednesday’s phone call between the Chinese and Ukrainian leaders. But Russia still needed to achieve the aims of its “special military operation” in Ukraine.

  • The Kremlin said relations with European countries were at their “lowest possible level” amid more expulsions of diplomats.

  • Nato’s secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, welcomed the discussion between China’s President Xi and Ukraine’s President Zelenskiy and repeated the possibility of the war ending at the “negotiating table”.

  • Stoltenberg said 98% of promised combat vehicles had been delivered to Ukraine, comprising 1,550 armoured vehicles and 230 tanks. This equates to nine new Ukrainian brigades.

  • Russia’s defence ministry claimed its forces had taken four blocks in north-western, western and south-western Bakhmut, Russia state-owned news agency RIA reported.

  • The head of Russia’s Wagner mercenary group said on Thursday he had been joking when he said his men would suspend artillery fire in Bakhmut to allow Ukrainian forces on the other side of the frontline to show the city to visiting US journalists.

  • Putin has ordered the Russian government to create museums dedicated to Moscow’s offensive in Ukraine, according to instructions published on the Kremlin website.

  • A Moscow court on Thursday ordered the dissolution of a prominent research centre specialising in racism and xenophobia in Russia, in the latest move against critical voices since the start of the Ukraine conflict.

  • Russia’s foreign ministry has rejected a bid by the US embassy to visit the Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich in prison on 11 May. It said the measure was taken in response to Washington’s failure to process visas for “representatives from the journalistic pool” of the Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, during his visit to the United Nations on Monday.

  • The Ukrainian prime minister, Denys Shmyhal, has invited Pope Francis to visit Ukraine. During a visit to the Vatican, he asked the pontiff for help to return children from the east of Ukraine who have been forcibly taken to Russia by Kremlin forces.

  • Russian foreign ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said on Thursday that the Black Sea grain deal could only be saved by fully implementing it and that it was not “a buffet you can pick and choose from”. Moscow says parts of the deal meant to allow it to export its own agricultural goods are not being honoured.

  • Andrij Melnyk, Ukraine’s former ambassador to Berlin, has said Germany is still failing to provide the support it should. “The Germans are helping much more than they were, and for that we Ukrainians are very grateful, but the government is only delivering as much as it feels it should,” he told Die Zeit.

  • Russia has reinforced its defences ahead of a much-expected counterattack by Ukrainian forces, analysts have suggested. Agence France-Presse (AFP) reports that the 500 miles (800km) of Russian lines protecting occupied Ukraine have been triple-fortified and received a “gush of manpower”. The timing comes as the usual winter freeze has begun to thaw and dry, making mobilisation more likely.

  • Britain’s opposition Labour party has asked the government why there has been no new weapons announcement since February and no fresh update from ministers to parliament since January.

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