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Dramatic video shows the horrific moment when a Russian artillery unit opened fire on its own surrendering troops.

Ukraine’s 3rd Separate Assault Infantry Brigade posted the horrific clip on its Telegram channel.

Kyiv’s troops are seen forcing three Russian soldiers to lie on the ground after they have surrendered.

Soon, an artillery round can be seen going off on both the Ukrainian and Russian troops.

It was said to be filmed in Donetsk village, in Andriivka, Ukraine, a day after the 3rd Assault Brigade had retaken the area from Russian forces.

In a statement about Andriivka, the assault brigade said the conflict was a “lightning operation” that took place over two days.

The Ukrainian troops involved in the incident were said to be unscathed by the blast, but the 3rd Separate Assault Infantry Brigade said one of the Russian soldiers was killed.

According to the Kyiv Post, the assault unit wrote that one of the Russians was “captured in pieces, two are lucky and are taken out to live. Luck plays a role in war.”

The Telegram post read, per the Kyiv Post: “Assault group 2 of the mechanized battalion takes another group of prisoners.

At the same time the enemy, realizing that the village is lost and his soldiers are surrendering en masse, orders to open ‘fire on their own.’”

In another clip seen by Daily Express US, which appears to be filmed from a projectile, two Russian vehicles are driving away.

As the clip progresses, the projectile approaches the two vehicles before making contact, ending the recording.

It comes as Russia battles a fuel shortage which threatens “disaster” for this years farming, as sanctions bite.

On September 6, Russian Agriculture Minister Dmitry Patrushev said fuel shortages are threatening to disrupt fall harvesting and sowing.

“We already have problems with the availability [of fuel],” he said according to state-run news agency Intermix.

“We will now stop harvesting, and we will not sow winter crops. It will be a disaster.”

And it also comes as one of Russia’s prominent paratrooper commanders, Vasily Popov, 38, has been killed while attempting to halt Ukraine‘s counteroffensive.

Popov, along with three other officers, is believed to have died in the recent wave of Russian casualties.

Ukrainian forces have been conducting effective and limited counterattacks in the vicinity of Kyiv to disrupt the Russian military’s plans to capture the city and alleviate some of the pressure on the capital.

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