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On Sunday night, Soundarya Sharma exited the Bigg Boss 16 house. Much to her dismay, it was the housemates who voted her out. Soundarya, Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta were tied when it came to audience votes, and thus host Salman Khan asked the remaining contestants to pick one member, who has contributed the least to the game. Most housemates chose Soundarya. Post her eviction, the doctor-turned-actor shared that she was ousted as the housemates were threatened by her presence.

“I was one of the strongest when it came to tasks, and they were intimidated by my game. To be able to survive more than 105 days in the house is no mean feat. And thus I feel like a winner today. Everyone who’s meeting me is saying how I won hearts and that is more important to me. What’s the point of taking home the trophy and people questioning your worth, or saying how you weren’t a good player?” she told indianexpress.com.

Soundarya Sharma shared that she feels it was unfair to leave the decision of eviction to competition. Naming Shiv Thakare and Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary as the ones responsible for her eviction, she said, “This is a show based on the audience’s votes. They did play a dirty game and got me evicted, knowing that I am a strong contestant. However, given it’s a competition, everyone will go to any length to win. I don’t believe in bitterness and am not here to give controversial headlines. Hence, I will move on, knowing that I have had a great journey in the show.”


The actor, during her stay in the house, had mentioned several times how the makers are ‘biased’ towards a few contestants, especially the channel faces. Laughing at her own comment now, she said, “Yes, there are moments when you feel so and I am someone who has no pretensions. Hence when I thought it was happening, I spoke about it. But it’s a game and every one of us was given an equal platform. So I don’t think there was any kind of biasness.”

Her journey in the Salman Khan-hosted show would mostly be remembered for her affair with Gautam Vig. The two had hit it off instantly and soon proclaimed their love for each other. The host had even called them out for getting too close in front of the camera. When asked about the current status of their relationship, the evicted contestant shrugged it off stating, “I don’t think that was the highlight of my journey. I have cooked for 16 people, made friends, stood for them, and performed tasks to the best of my ability. I think that was the highlight for me. Other than that, I felt what I felt and it was part of my journey. We haven’t met or spoken since I came out, so what status do I give now?”


We further questioned Soundarya Sharma whether she feels the affair weakened her game, given a lot of people questioned her integrity. “I don’t think that can weaken one’s game. It was who I was and I did not shy away from showing my real self to the camera. Right now, my focus is only on work. I have done a film and a few shows. And now, Bigg Boss has given me the much-needed push. I am looking forward to seeing what’s ahead for me,” she shared.

Soundarya also discussed how a large number of contestants bad-mouthed her, raising questions about her dressing and character. However, the actor shared that she doesn’t want to give them importance as it was their ‘karma’. Referring to her mother’s saying, the actor said, “She always told me that when you offer flowers to God, it first touches you. Hence, whatever you give to the universe, it’s part of you. Their negativity about me comes from their low thoughts and doesn’t show in me. I know myself, and really don’t care about their baseless words.”

Soundarya Sharma, in the last few weeks, came across as a mature voice. She shared that while being ‘real and confident’ can take one ahead, the actor added that given there is an audience for everyone, fakeness manages to shine in reality shows. As for the finalists, Soundarya mentioned that she feels she deserved to be in top 3. “Other than me, I will name Archana Gautam, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Sumbul Touqeer Khan.”

Bigg Boss Season 16 airs on Colors.

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