Ranking the top 5 NBA Jerseys 2022/23

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Every year, the NBA has so many good jerseys that come out and capture the imagination of fans worldwide. Be it the Purple and Gold of the Los Angeles Lakers or the Royal Blue and Yellow of the Golden State Warriors, the teams go all out in their quest to design the best jersey possible for the fans to wear. The 2022 season has not even started and there are a few NBA jerseys that we have picked out that are the best so far in our opinion.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers have unveiled their statement edition and it truly is a jersey worth buying. The jersey is fully purple and has all the rest of the details in gold. The phrase “Leave a legacy” is embroidered on the bottom left of the jersey and all it does is motivate anyone who wears it, be it fan or player. The jersey also has the Jumpman logo and all in all takes the first spot.

Miami Heat

The team from the South have released their classic edition jerseys and it surely does take one back in time. The jersey is white in colour and has all the details emblazoned in red with a border of white and black. Nike has a way of coming up with great throwback ideas and with this particular jersey, they have hit the ball out of the park.

Brooklyn Nets

The Nets will want to make a comeback after a dismal last season and what better way to do it than wearing their all black statement edition jersey. The Jumpman logo on the jersey gives it a special feel and to imagine the likes of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant rock these colours and wreaking havoc on the court will leave the fans wanting for more.

Golden State Warriors

Defending champions, Golden State Warriors always have a very bright coloured jersey and it complements very well with their boisterous fans and their arena. The classic edition jersey for this season will see the regular royal blue colour and the rest in Yellow. A basic look but one which the fans would want to sport each time they go to the Chase Arena.

Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks will rock a purple coloured jersey as their classic edition this season. The look is a throwback to the 90’s era when the Bucks wore them as the away uniform. The whole jersey is purple with the team name, the number and the brand logo appearing in white. Added to that, the shorts also follow the same theme with a tinge of green in it.

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The post Ranking the top 5 NBA Jerseys 2022/23 appeared first on 247 News Around The World.