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A Russian state media commentator has claimed that North Korea could “easily share” their “millions and millions” of munitions to be used in the war in Ukraine.

Speaking on Russia-1, the nation’s most-watched channel, the commentator suggested the munitions would be “very useful” for the “special military operation (SMO)”, especially given the ongoing Ukrainian counteroffensive.

Noting that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un may travel by train, which was the chosen mode of transport last time he met with Vladimir Putin in April 2019, the commentator added that this would be an optimal way to transfer munitions.

But there remains a degree of speculation about how the North Korean leader will travel, where the pair will meet – US officials believe another convening in Vladivostok, far eastern Russia, is likely – and what will come of the talks.

Kim Jong-un, we have to be blunt, has millions and millions of such munitions. And he can easily share his stockpile with us, as it is said,” the state media commentator said.

“This ammunition will be very useful in the course of the special military operation (SMO).”

Taking note of the possibility of using trains to cross from North Korea into Russia, he said: “If such agreements are reached, there will be no difficulties in delivering these supplies.”

He added that the type of munitions that North Korea has in abundance are the 152mm rounds “shot with a high explosive fragmentation projectile”.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s possible trip to Russia might be like his first one in 2019 — a rattling, 20-hour ride aboard a green-and-yellow armoured train that is a quirky symbol of his family’s dynastic leadership.

How Kim, the 39-year-old authoritarian leader, could get there, though, has become a focus of media attention.

While Kim has used planes more frequently than his famously flight-averse father, he has also used his family’s armoured train for his previous meetings with Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and then-US President Donald Trump in 2018 and 2019, reviving an old symbol that has long been part of the Kim dynasty’s lore.

Putin, for his part, now prefers to avoid planes and travel on a special armoured train since his decision to invade Ukraine in early 2022, according to Gleb Karakulov, a defector from Putin’s secretive elite security service.

Kim’s earlier meeting with Putin required a daylong trip that began at the North Korean capital of Pyongyang and chugged over the country’s ageing railways along the eastern coast before crossing a border river into Russia.

US officials believe the meeting could see North Korea sell weapons to Russia to maintain its war in Ukraine.

Given the starvation sweeping across North Korea, experts have speculated whether a transactional approach could be discussed to secure aid or food supplies.

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