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A warehouse has reportedly caught fire on the outskirts of Moscow. A plume of dark smoke can be seen rising from the 450 square meter plastic factory. The cause of fire and the number of victims remain unknown at this stage.

The fire broke out in Ramenskoye, a suburban distrct located 31 miles away southeast from capital Moscow.

Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations are reportedly working on the spot to determine the cause and check casualties. 

A similar accident happened in early November when the Russian Investigative Committee for the Moscow Region found that a fuel truck caught fire due to cotton while draining fuel.

“On November 11, in the Ramensky urban district, emergency services received information that during the drain of fuel, according to preliminary information, there was a bang and the subsequent ignition of a fuel truck,” the ministry said in a Telegram message. 

In April 2013, the plastic factory also caught fire killing at least 38 people.

Twitter user @JayinKyiv said: “Yes, Russia is always on fire. Plastics plant in Ramenskoye, near Moscow. In a country where you can bribe anyone for anything, fire and inspectors, everyone at every level of government, things will always fall apart.”

Eastern European media Nexta reported: “In #Ramenskoye near #Moscow, a production facility for plastic is on fire.”

BNN Russia journalist @gchahal tweeted: “A plastic production workshop in #Ramenskoye, near #Moscow, is on fire, and the fire is spreading. Authorities have not reported any injuries at this time.”

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Twitter user @Rinegati, who has been monitoring the war since the beginning Putin’s invasion, said: “A plastic production plant is burning in Ramenskoye near Moscow.”

The blaze in the plastic factory follows a series of fires in the Russian capital in recent weeks. One of the latest ones broke out in central Moscow, in an area near three train stations, sending black smoke, which was visible from many different districts, over the city.

According to Moscow emergency services, the fire occurred in a two-story brick warehouse building on Komsomolskaya Square. Russia state news agency TASS reports that the building housed a furniture and lighting store and a flower shop.

Emergency services reported that the fire covered about 2,000 square meters [around 21,500 square feet]. At least five people were killed, TASS reported, quoting Russian emergency services.

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