Proposed changes to French pension system could disadvantage women, say feminist groups

Some say the problem of extending the retirement age is not simply having to work for another two years, but to find a workplace which would hire older workers.

“After 55, many of us don’t get our contracts renewed. We are seen as too old,” said 52-year-old Carole Hugon.

“We all know the problems of work for older people. Businesses are not motivated to bring in employees over 50 (so) it’s a bit difficult to find work.”

The government has argued that women who started working early would be better protected under its proposed reforms.

Economists welcome the change, but said more has to be done. 

Economist Evelyne Dourille-Feer said: “For those with long careers, and for women, the reform will introduce a special type of parental exemption which will give a one-year bonus for retirement, but that’s not enough.

“It’s honestly something that does very little, but we could say it is a small improvement.”

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