On Plane Door Row, DMK MP Mocks BJP’s Tejasvi Surya With A Message


Sitting next to the door of the emergency plane, MP Dayanidhi Maran of DMK assured that he would not pull the door, in The message seems direct hit In BJP’s Tejasvi Surya.

On December 10, a passenger accidentally opened the emergency door of IndiGo flight from Chennai to Tiruchirapalli, Civil Aviation minister He later confirmed that the passenger was Tejas, in Syria, and said he had opened the door “by mistake” and apologized for He. She.

“I’m sitting next to the emergency exit, but I wouldn’t pull it because it’s not good for the safety of passengers and of flight, and save a lot of It’s time and I won’t apologize later,” DMK MP, heading to Coimbatore in IndiGo plane, he said in A video message that appears to mock the Bharatiya Janata Party leader.

To all flyers, in interest of passenger safety please do not deceive with Emergency exit,” Mr. Maran commented on the video.

A BJP member from South Bengaluru refused comment on He said, “I don’t wish To spoil my time and yours because Congress and others have been talking about it once and again. emphasis peopleauthorized to issue May he speak the appropriate clarification and tell the facts. You can refer back to that.”

Officials said that Syria “rested his hands on The Door”, unlocking Going out, the flight is delayed over two hours for its destination.

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