My daughter was forgotten by her nursery and left on a bus for FIVE hours – I found out after she was rushed to hospital

A MUM was terrified after receiving a call that her three-year-old daughter was in hospital after thinking she was safe at nursery.

Mum Skye Seadon is demanding action after staff allegedly forgot her daughter was on a bus, leaving her in the heat for five hours.

Mum Skye is outraged at the nursery's actions


Mum Skye is outraged at the nursery’s actions
Alyza is safe after being taken to hospital


Alyza is safe after being taken to hospitalCredit: Nine News

Toddler Alyza was put onto the bus headed to Lulla’s Children and Family Centre by her dad Braydon at 9:15am.

Hours later, her mum received a phone call from a local hospital informing her that Alyza had been admitted.

Shockingly, the nursery forgot the toddler in the van, leaving her in sweltering heat for hours.

Temperatures in Shepperton, Australia, reached highs of 26C last week.

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According to calculations, the temperature inside the car where Alyza was for hours could have reached over 40C.

Alyza was rushed to hospital with severe dehydration around 3:00 p.m. – almost six hours after being put into the vehicle.

Skye made her thoughts clear in a social media post: “‘I promise you will see me first thing Monday morning!!

“You f***ing incapable c****s left my f***ing 3 year old daughter in the f***ing kindy bus all day from 9.15 till 3pm.”

The mum of three is understandably outraged, even more so as young Alyza had to stay overnight at hospital due to her poorly state.

Skye continued: “I’m so f***ing sad for my daughter. Imagine what she was feeling and screaming out for no one to come help her!! Feeling so f***ing helpless.”

The family said the day care told them staff discovered the tot later that afternoon.

Heartbroken Skye said: “She still would have been strapped into the car seat.

“When they pulled her out of the kindy bus they stripped her off and put her in the shower.”

The director of the nursery has reached out to the family, but Skye said she still hasn’t received an explanation.

Skye said she believed the nursery has a clipboard to check off each child has left the bus, but needs more explanation about the incident.

Police are investigating the shocking incident, but Alyza is home with her family.

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Skye said she’s safe and healthy, albeit some issues falling asleep.

The Sun has reached out to Lulla’s Children and Family Centre for comment.

The little girl was rushed to hospital with a temperature of almost 39C


The little girl was rushed to hospital with a temperature of almost 39CCredit: Nine News

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