Moment woman flips out at robot ‘receptionist’ and smashes it up with plank of wood in huge meltdown

A WOMAN smashed up a robot “receptionist” with a plank of wood after having a bizarre meltdown.

The crazed woman from China completely lost her cool with the machine before bashing it to pieces.

The woman completely lost her cool with the robot 'receptionist'


The woman completely lost her cool with the robot ‘receptionist’Credit: AsiaWire
She was filmed using a thick wooden stick while smashing the machine to pieces


She was filmed using a thick wooden stick while smashing the machine to piecesCredit: AsiaWire

The robotic “receptionist” was used in the lobby of the Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical University in the city of Xuzhou to check in patients.

But in footage captured from the bizarre moment, the woman can be seen with a large stick in hand before shouting abuse at the machine.

The wild clip then shows the woman repeatedly hitting the robot with the thick piece of wood, with pieces of the machine scattered all over the floor.

Members of staff can be seen moving away from the reception desk to take cover as the woman, wearing a yellow coat, lets loose on the machine.

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But despite its bashing, the robot manages to spring back to life and swivel its head and raise its arms.

The woman is finally seen taking off her jacket in an apparent preparation to continue the attack before the video cuts off.

The images quickly made the rounds on social media after being shared on Douyin – China’s version of TikTok – on Sunday.

The footage of the dramatic incident reached Twitter earlier this week, accompanied by an explanation on the popularity of robots in Chinese hospitals.

They wrote: ““Because now in China’s hospitals, make the doctor and all medical examination appointments are all done on the robots, very few nurses left to help the patients.

“Many find it a frustrating process”.

Netizens have speculated that the woman might have been a frustrated patient after visibly taking out her anger on the defenceless automaton.

The hospital security department reportedly said that the police were called in following the incident.

Although the unnamed woman’s motives for attacking the machine remain unclear, local media reported that the hospital’s initial assessment was that the woman was suffering from mental illness.

It is currently unclear if the woman was detained.

Onlookers were left shocked at the woman's bizarre outburst


Onlookers were left shocked at the woman’s bizarre outburstCredit: AsiaWire

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