Microsoft has Said that Both Warzone and World War II could be Ported to the Switch in a “Timely Manner”

Microsoft has outlined many significant aspects in the current discussion surrounding the company’s upcoming acquisition of Activision Blizzard in a letter to a UK regulator. Warzone, Modern Warfare II, and “future native console editions” of Call of Duty might all be “timely” translated to Switch, and it was made very apparent.

Microsoft has Said that Both Warzone and World War II could be Ported to the Switch in a imely Manner_

This assertion was strengthened by a comment from Bobby Kotick, who said that Warzone and Modern Warfare II might be ported to the Switch in months. This information was released shortly after Microsoft promised to continue distributing Call of Duty games for ‘at least’ ten years on Nintendo platforms should the takeover be successful.

Microsoft detailed how simple it would be to port current Call of Duty games to Nintendo Switch in the lengthy, thirty-three-page document written to the UK regulatory authority, paying special attention to Call of Duty Warzone.

As it was said:

Warzone’s game engine is experienced and optimized to function on various hardware platforms (from the Xbox One console released in 2015 to the Xbox Series X). Warzone is compatible with PC hardware and GPU cards from 2015 and before.

The comment that the “Activision development team have a long history of optimizing game performance for available hardware capabilities” was added to this idea. Behind closed doors, there is some optimism that all upcoming Call of Duty games could be modified to work on the Nintendo Switch.

Yet, in contrast, Microsoft looked to games like Apex Legends and Fortnite in a comparable position on the platform. These ports need to be fully optimized for the Nintendo Switch, resulting in lower peak frame rates and other performance problems despite being usable. VGC covered this idea in a recent article.

Microsoft has Said that Both Warzone and World War II could be P orted to the Switch in a Timely Manner_

Microsoft explicitly indicated that the “benefits will be substantial” in the letter’s last paragraph. It was explained that the Switch would benefit from having Warzone, MWII, and future Call of Duty games because it would expand the number of players who could play them, improve cross-play capabilities, and provide value to the Nintendo platforms.

This doesn’t mean these games will be available for Nintendo Switch any time soon, but it does show Microsoft’s commitment to follow through on its promise in the future.

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