Landlord’s vile advert offering free rent in exchange for SEX sparks fury after making creepy demand of tenants

A SLEAZY landlord has been branded “disgusting” for offering free rent in exchange for sex.

The listing on Gumtree for a room in Claremont, Tasmania, also made a number of creepy demands and insisted the tenant must be female.

The advert said rent would be free in 'exchange for sex'


The advert said rent would be free in ‘exchange for sex’Credit: Facebook – Tenants’ Union of Tasmania

It said the rent would be priced at $245 (£130) per week – or “free in exchange for sex“.

The since-removed ad also said the property would suit an “escort” or “single parent with one child”, adding the tenant “must be clean and disease free”.

Gumtree quickly took down the listing as it broke their community rules.

The vile ad was shared by the Tenants Union of Tasmania, which slammed the landlord for attempting to take advantage of Australia’s housing crisis.

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A post said: “This is a gross exploitation of vulnerable women, who are affected by the housing crisis.

“No woman having sex in exchange for a roof over her head is freely and happily consenting to it.

“Governments at all levels need to pull every lever to end this crisis.

“This includes building more homes faster, introducing an empty homes levy, regulating short stay accommodation and more.”

A comment on the post read: “Disgusting. The advertisers should be charged and jailed.”

Another added: “This is [the] reality of the housing crisis.

“Taking advantage of desperate, vulnerable women and children. This is absolutely appalling and disgusting.”

Gumtree’s guidelines state the site does not allow listing that includes “illegal activity” or “activity that could cause harm”.

A spokesman told The Mercury: “In the event that Gumtree detects such ads, or if it is reported by the community, we do take action on the ad, and if necessary – on the user’s account.

“In the event where it is necessary to involve the police, we do have a police liaison to handle the matter.”

It comes after a landlord was busted after he allegedly posted an ad offering free rent to “submissive” women in exchange for sex.

The ad noted how many people have been thrown “in a tail spin” during the coronavirus pandemic, and offered the free apartment space in exchange for “play time”.

Meanwhile, a landlord preying on vulnerable girls offered his lavish London flat for free – if the tenant was willing to share a bed with him for “cuddling”.

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