Landlord slammed for ‘disgraceful’ listing offering room ‘smaller than Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs’

A LANDLORD has been slammed for a ‘disgraceful’ listing offering a tiny makeshift room which was branded ‘smaller than Harry Potter’s cupboard’.

The “room” that consists of a single mattress on the floor surrounded by blanket walls is up for rent on Airbnb for £34.5 per night.

The room features a mattress on the floor


The room features a mattress on the floorCredit: Air Bnb
The host requires guests to spend a minimum of four nights


The host requires guests to spend a minimum of four nightsCredit: Air Bnb

It is located in the middle of a living room in an apartment in Waterloo, Sydney, and its host has described it as a “rare spacious living room near the CBD.”

Those interested would have to spend a minimum of four nights and share the rest of the three-bedroom flat with five other renters.

The ad reads: “Affordable spacious living room, suitable for someone who can sleep in every conditions.

“Live with other professionals and mature tenants in the modern apartment equipped with gym, pools and sauna. Trendy suburb, very close to bus stops.

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“You can have the whole house to yourself on weekdays from 8.30am-6pm as everybody is at work.”

The bizarre listing has received mostly positive reviews with former guests saying the hosts were “lovely.”

A picture of the makeshift room shared on Reddit, has left users fuming about Airbnb’s ridiculous listings and said it is “smaller than Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs.”

The comment refers to the iconic cupboard where J.K. Rowling‘s character used to sleep, in the Dursley household.

The post is captioned: “Found an…interesting Airbnb in Waterloo.”

The photos show the mattress on the floor, right next to a dining table, divided by blankets.

Someone said: “At least Harry Potter’s room under the stairs had an actual door!”

One joked: “You’re in Sydney Harry!”

Another one said: “how little shame must you have to think something like this is even remotely appropriate?”

Someone else added: “People are renting a tent in someone’s lounge room in Sydney. It’s disgraceful. I thought living on a balcony was bad.”

While one said: “Less a room, more a blanket fort.”

The host named Dinda describes herself as a “friendly and mature Sydney accountant” who has been living in Australia for 25 years.

The room is divided by blankets


The room is divided by blanketsCredit: Air Bnb

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