Joe Biden keeps a small TV in a picture frame in the Oval Office

Joe Biden keeps a small TV in a picture frame in the Oval Office

When President Joe Biden wants to watch TV in the Oval Office, he turns on a tiny, hidden TV that is encapsulated in a gold frame to appear like a picture, according to reports.

Mr Biden reportedly keeps the inconspicuous TV on a small desk behind the Resolute Desk lined up with other (real) picture frames according to Politico. The monitor is meant to blend in with the other decor which is why it’s in a gold frame.

The report from Politico, which delves into Mr Biden’s consumption of media, says that the president will turn on the 10 – 12” television when press or dignitaries are not around.

More often than not, he will supposedly turn the television to CNN.

Other TVs, located outside of the Oval Office and on Air Force One, are also usually turned to CNN per the report.

And when less formal meetings are occurring in the Oval Office, the president will supposedly keep the small TV on and react to coverage.

In an interview with Kal Penn, Mr Biden gave a tour of the Oval Office, the small TV set appears to be in the background at 0:48.

The apparent TV in a gold frame that President Biden is said to watch in the Oval Office

(The Daily Show / The Independent )

Mr Biden’s media consumption is starkly different from Mr Trump, who was known to stay up late watching the news and often live-tweeted while shows were airing.

The president prefers to read the news rather than watch it and receives print editions of The New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. White House aides also gather individual clips from local publications across the US.

According to the report, some of Mr Biden’s favorite journalists are from The New York Times and the New Yorker.

Occasionally, when he thinks a journalist has got coverage of something right, he will call them to thank them – or sometimes ask for feedback and advice.

But when he doesn’t like coverage, he privately confides in people about his disapproval.

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