“It’s so cringe” – Fans slam Austin Butler for bringing his Elvis accent to Oscars 2023

The 2023 Oscars are currently underway and celebrities are making their way to the red carpet looking as amazing as ever. However, one celebrity has caught fans’ eyes for not being able to get out of character. Austin Butler, who received a lot of praise for his portrayal of Elvis Presley in this biopic, seems to be having trouble letting go of the accent.

Fans took to Twitter to slam him for overusing the accent and went as far as calling the 31-year-old actor’s accent “cringe.”

Sorry not sorry, but it’s so cringe to listen to Austin Butler speak with the Elvis accent #Oscars

“Is Austin Butler struggling to break character?” – Netizens on actor still talking in Elvis accent during Oscars 2023

Austin Butler rocked the champagne carpet in a sleek black velvet suit by Saint Laurent paired with a white button-up, a black bow tie, and black dress shoes during the 2023 award ceremony.

While in conversation with ABC, he opened up about being an Oscars nominee for Best Actor for his role in Elvis. He said that it feels like a dream and that he feels the need to pinch himself.

Fans took note of the actor still talking in his Elvis accent that he spent almost two years perfecting and they were not impressed by Austin still using it. Many fans took to Twitter to comment on it and some called it “cringe”.

Austin Butler is annoying me with that Elvis accent. 🙄 So cringe.

is Austin Butler struggling to break character? why, when filming has long since finished, is he still putting on the dodgy Elvis accent? very cringe man

A verified account @trinawatters hopes that if Austin takes home the award, he will drop the accent.

They said:

“If he wins, I hope the accent leaves him on stage like that scene in Ghost.”

if Austin Butler wins I hope the Elvis accent leaves him on stage like that scene in Ghost#Oscars #AcademyAwards

As an Elvis star, Austin Butler brought his husky Mississippi drawl to the 2023 Oscars. Despite finishing filming in 2021, the actor still speaks in the iconic accent. Some fans speculate that winning Best Actor might finally retire the voice. #AustinButler #Elvis #Oscars #Voice

it would be 2060 and austin butler will still talk in his elvis accent 😭

More fans took to the social media platform to ask him to stop talking in the voice as “the Oscars campaign” is over.

Austin Butler the Oscar campaign is over please stop talking like Elvis

Excited to finally pick up that best actor Oscar, after all films are all about your imagination. Also Austin Butler sounds like a 1970s British Leyland hatchback.

@erikastruth Austin Butler. That accent drains me. He was a child actor…we know what he actually sounds like lol

Austin Butler only deserves an award for this continued accent.

Fans hope Austin Butler wins an award

While many were not fans of his accent on the champagne carpet, they believe he deserves to win an award for his portrayal of the musical legend, and took to the social media platform to express the same.

Austin Butler better win tonight. He deserves it!! Love him and proud of him forever❤️ #Oscar #AustinButler

A fans said:

“I’m rooting for him. He was genuinely outstanding in that film, and he clearly has immense respect and passion for the industry and art.”

You know what, I like Austin Butler. I’m rooting for him. He was genuinely outstanding in that film, and he clearly has immense respect and passion for the industry and art. #Oscars https://t.co/vEgC1XfQNB

Stay tuned for more Oscars 2023 updates as the event progresses. The award ceremony is currently being aired on ABC.

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