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Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni has called for an urgent “block” on migrant arrivals as the “future of Europe at risk”.

The Italian premier and European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, underscored the need for a united and responsible approach to address the ongoing migration crisis affecting Europe.

In a press conference held in Lampedusa on Sunday, Meloni said the initiative is not merely a gesture of solidarity towards Italy but a resounding call for Europe to take responsibility and confront the challenge together.

She called for an urgent “block to illegal departures”.

“The future of Europe is at stake here. It is an epochal challenge for Europe,” Meloni said as she stood on the shores of the Mediterranean, where countless migrants have sought refuge.

She commended President von der Leyen for her collaborative stance on the issue, stressing the urgent need for long-lasting, complex, and serious solutions that require collective effort from all EU member states.

Meloni’s vision for tackling the migration crisis is clear: “The only solution is to block illegal departures. This is what European citizens, regular immigrants, and refugees themselves are asking for.”

The Italian Prime Minister outlined a multifaceted approach that includes a more aggressive fight against human traffickers, bolstering the effectiveness of European naval missions and enhancing tools for repatriation at the European level, moving away from individual state-driven decisions.

She also highlighted the imperative for greater involvement of the United Nations and called for the swift implementation of agreements, especially with Tunisia, to manage the flow of migrants.

“I am optimistic because the Italian position is widely shared in the EU,” Meloni concluded.

President von der Leyen echoed Meloni’s sentiments, stressing the gravity of the situation.

“The migration crisis is a European challenge, and we must face it collectively,” she said. Von der Leyen praised Italy’s proactive stance and the potential for their approach to serve as a model for the rest of the European Union.

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