Incredible PoV video shows Ukrainian kamikaze drone chasing down Russian tank as Putin’s cowardly soldiers try to escape

THIS is the breath-taking moment a Ukrainian drone chases down a Russian tank within seconds of spotting it.

The kamikaze-type drone has assisted the Ukrainian forces in taking down the Russian opposition.

The drone was surveying the area when it suddenly spotted something


The drone was surveying the area when it suddenly spotted somethingCredit: Twitter/@Osinttechnical
The tank was fleeing the area in northeast Ukraine


The tank was fleeing the area in northeast UkraineCredit: Twitter/@Osinttechnical

The drone is seen flying and monitoring the area before spotting the deadly tank.

It then veers around, and quickly chases the tank as it retreats to escape the deadly weapon.

Suddenly, the drone drops towards the fleeing Russians and the video cuts off – seemingly crashing into it.

The Russian tank seen has been identified as a T-80BV, one of the main tanks used in battle by Russia.

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Each one costs around £2.5million, making the assumed destruction of it another major blow to Russian forces.

The shocking POV video was allegedly taken in the Kharkiv region of eastern Ukraine, which has witnessed intense fighting throughout the war.

More than 40 missiles have struck Kharkiv since the beginning of this year as Russia continues its bloody onslaught.

Electricity was restored in Kharkiv this weekend after the strikes crippled the electrical grid.

Earlier today, Ukraine claimed more than 1,000 Russian troops had been killed in the last 24 hours.

The Battle of Bakhmut has seen mass casualties as the two countries are engaged in a fight to the death for the town.

As the battle in Bakhmut rages, experts have said Russian forces have not made advances in the city this weekend.

The National Police of Ukraine has claimed Russia made 48 attacks against civilians the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine this week.

Russia is scrambling to find more soldiers, as it was revealed the mercenary Wagner group opened recruitment centres in 42 cities across Russia.

Chief Yevgeny Prigozhin made the move after he stopped recruiting inmates from Russian prisons.

Another video showed the shocking moment a flesh melting bomb rained over a Ukrainian town.

Footage however showed the horrifying showers of so-called “thermite rain” falling over the town on Vuhledar.

Thermite, a mixture of metal powder and metal oxide is used in the making of incendiary bombs.

It burns at temperatures of more than 2,400C – being so hot it can burn through steel and concrete.

And if it comes into contact with human flesh, it can melt through right down to the bone.

Recent satellite images showed the horrific devastation in Bakhmut – a city once home to 70,000 people.

The fighting however has been brutal – with an estimated 30,000 Russians dying in Bakhmut.

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The drone gains speed quickly as it descends towards the Russian tank


The drone gains speed quickly as it descends towards the Russian tankCredit: Twitter/@Osinttechnical
The tank isn't fast enough to escape the drone


The tank isn’t fast enough to escape the droneCredit: Twitter/@Osinttechnical

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