I had my cat freeze dried so she would be with me for ever – she gets mouldy & we love her but she is dividing opinion

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A CAT owner has revealed they spent £2,500 to freeze dry their dead cat – even keeping her preserved remains sitting on her nightstand.

But the upkeep with cat Loki’s body is more than meets the eye – the feline could turn mouldy if not taken care of properly.

Pet Loki died tragically earlier this year


Pet Loki died tragically earlier this yearCredit: Tiktok
The moggy's eyes stare at them all night


The moggy’s eyes stare at them all nightCredit: Tiktok

After Loki’s tragic death this year, owner Soren looked for a way to make their beloved companion immortal.

The owner chose freeze drying to preserve their precious feline, but the preservation process means Loki’s body could mould if in the incorrect conditions.

Soren has to ensure Loki’s body is never in temperatures over 100F, and in humidity below 80 per cent, or the cat could mould.

But the process is pricey – Soren paid over £2,500 to ensure their beloved pet never left them.

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Soren kept Loki’s dead body in the freezer for more than a month before sending the furry friend off for the process.

Soren said: “I witnessed my cat being killed by a dog I was fostering in front of my house late at night.

“I was walk the dog, the dog saw a bunny, the dog got away from my leash, the bunny crossed my cat, my cat bolted, dog went after the cat, dog attacked my cat.

“This has been one of the hardest losses of my life and I’ve never experienced anything like this before and since her death was such a sudden loss – even though she was 16 years old – I was not prepared for this.”

Soren decided to document her process of getting Loki’s body freeze dried on TikTok, where it has gone viral.

The pet owner went as far to freeze dry Loki’s heart, which caused Soren to burst into tears when they saw it.

Soren gushed: “I am very, very, very happy to see her again, I’m very happy to wake up next to her every morning and I can pet her.”

But Loki’s bright green eyes are not freeze dried – they’re actually glass, Soren explained.

They said: “Her eyes are glass! And can be cleaned with a tip and Windex.”

Another pet owner caused controversy after turning their golden retriever into an ornamental rug for their living room.

Australian company Chimera Taxidermy created the eccentric accessory for the mourning family so the pooch could “head home”.

Owner Maddy, 29, explained they had preserved the family’s pet as a pelt to create a memorial that will last a lifetime.

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She said it had been “tanned and turned to leather so the fur won’t fall out”, allowing it to take pride of place in the customer’s lounge.

The taxidermist compared the process to people keeping the ashes of a lost loved one, as the family “wanted to keep a part of him forever”.

Loki pictured in a more lively state


Loki pictured in a more lively state
Soren clapped back at haters who didn't understand her choice
Soren clapped back at haters who didn’t understand her choice

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