I can prove I’m a time traveller from the future after human extinction – I visited two iconic landmarks on my OWN

A SELF-proclaimed time traveller claiming to be from the future says he has proof that humans will be wiped off of the planet.

Javier – who calls himself Lone Survivor – says he has hard evidence that the post-apocalyptic world he is supposedly trapped in exists.

The self-proclaimed time traveller visited the supposedly 'empty' Louvre Museum


The self-proclaimed time traveller visited the supposedly ’empty’ Louvre MuseumCredit: TikTok/@unicosobreviviente
He also showed the Eiffel Tower, typically crowded with tourist, standing alone


He also showed the Eiffel Tower, typically crowded with tourist, standing aloneCredit: TikTok/@unicosobreviviente

The TikToker, who posts under the username @unicosobreviviente, has consistently claimed he is sharing snippets from the year 2028.

Despite this being less than half a decade away, he bizarrely claims that the entire human race will be eradicated.

Javier is desperate to convince people he isn’t just another bogus quantum leaper, seeing him share snippets of some of the biggest cities in the world with empty streets.

He previously alleged he had broken into an army base near Valencia, Spain, and hopped into a modern rescue helicopter to prove himself.

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The social media star has now moved on to exploring the lonely streets of France, as after all, the empty world is his oyster.

In an attempt to corroborate his bold time travelling claims, Javier headed to tourist hotspots in Paris.

The TikToker shared a clip of him standing below the Eiffel Tower in the sunshine – an area normally crowded with holidaymakers.

But instead of swathes of people queueing up to enter the landmark or getting the perfect Paris pic, there is not a soul around.

Javier then somehow snuck inside the Louvre Museum and filmed the seemingly empty hallways that are normally brimming with tourists.

He claims to have been the only one inside, despite the iconic home of the Mona Lisa usually welcoming over 30,000 visitors each day.

The TikToker later ridiculously claimed he had managed to swipe the iconic painting from the Louvre as a souvenir.

Social media users were both stunned and sceptical about the videos, as many struggled to believe they were authentic.

Others claimed they spotted humans milling around in the background, suggesting Javier had forgotten to erase them from the clip.

One said: “But if your videos are from the future, why does everything look the same as we see them now?|

A second wrote: “Gotcha, there is a guy on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower on the left side. He is standing watching the view.”

A third added: “I challenge you to record a video and keep the original audio.”

A fourth chimed in: “Can you at least please touch a structure or sculpture something tangible?”

And a fifth said: “Why not shout super loud if you are alone?”

The bloke has been taking wacky requests from his 7.7million followers in the hopes of proving his time travelling abilities.

TikTok users often beg him to visit their countries in a bid to get a glimpse of what the nations may look like in the future.

Javier first began posting in 2021, claiming he was stuck in the year 2017 after a mystery mass extinction of all other humans.

His videos show deserted streets and empty shops around his home city, as well as BarcelonaMadrid and Seville.

Javier has also since claimed he is trying to find a way to come back to the present day having previously asked for help from his followers.

It comes after he claimed he has spent 340 days in total isolation after supposedly travelling through time.

“I keep trying to find human life. I am starting to lose hope,” he wrote.

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“Today I got something to eat. How long is this going to last? Mention in the comments who might be able to help me.”

When asked by his followers how it’s possible he still has light and internet if there are no humans around, the TikToker replied that he wasn’t sure but “most likely there is a type of connection” between the different years.

Javier says he is the lone survivor of the apocalypse who is stuck in 2028


Javier says he is the lone survivor of the apocalypse who is stuck in 2028Credit: TikTok/@unicosobreviviente

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