How long does it take to beat the game?

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is now live, and it has a lot to offer fans of the soul-like genre. With a narrative based in ancient China, the story of Team Ninja’s latest title revolves around three kingdoms. Players take on the role of a soldier who must fight against demons and challenging bosses.

While the developers borrowed many of the combat mechanics from the Nioh series, there are still a fair number of new features that add a fresh take to the game.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is officially available now for Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, PlayStation 4|5, Steam for PC, Windows PC and Game Pass! If you’ve been playing the recent demo, transfer your save file to the final game!Game –

Many fans have been wondering just how long it will take to finish Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This is because the game, much like other souls-like titles, does not come with multiple difficulty settings.

For an average run, a large chunk of the community says Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty takes about 25 hours to complete. However, it will take considerably longer if players seek a more completionist run.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty isn’t a long game

As mentioned earlier, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty players will take around 25 hours to complete an average run where they invest a fair bit of time in side quests while also focusing on the main story. However, for those who are looking to unlock all the achievements in the game and go for a completionist run, it will take at least 10 hours more.

To get a Platinum in the RPG, players will need to spend at least 40 hours to complete the side quests as well as other crafting and combat achievements. There are also achievements for collectibles to consider, as well as max upgrades for weapons and armor.

Team Ninja’s latest title might take even longer to finish based on how familiar the player is with the soul-like genre. Those new to its difficulty spikes are more than likely to struggle with some of the harder encounters that the game will throw at them.

Hence, if players are stuck at a boss, it’s highly likely that the playtime will increase significantly as they look to progress further in the narrative.


Additionally, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty comes with a New Game Plus mode. If there are certain things that players forget to do in their first run, they can always revisit the stages with upgraded gear and abilities.

However, an NG+ run is going to be considerably more difficult as enemies are likely to have more damage, health, and new attack patterns.

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