“He didn’t even look in Kyrie’s Direction” 

The way that Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant ended certainly wasn’t the best for either side. Whether that was from a Brooklyn Nets standpoint or from a personal standpoint, the two seemed to maybe not have the ending that they were hoping for.

Although they seemed to still be friends, there was some weirdness between the two when the Phoenix Suns beat the Dallas Mavericks 130-126 on Sunday.

NBA reporter Brian Windhorst was at the game and said that he could tell that something was wrong between the two.

“The complete lack of emotion from Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant,” Windhorst said. “If you didn’t know any better, you’d just kind of wandered in and, like, were college fans, didn’t know anything about the NBA, and I was trying to tell you that there was this enormous breakup to change the landscape in the NBA that rocked both teams, because those two guys played together for four years, he wouldn’t believe me.

“They didn’t even look at each other. There were times they walked past each other, like, during timeout situations, not, like, in the middle of the game when they’re competing, wouldn’t even turn their heads.

“And I couldn’t help but laugh after the game was over, because Markieff Morris, who had been Durant’s teammate in Brooklyn for a few months, came over and Durant gave him a hug, you know, patted him on the chest, and he didn’t even look in Kyrie’s direction. So, I think we got our answer there about just where that relationship is and how it ended in Brooklyn.”


Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant’s relationship

When Kevin Durant was asked about the game and what took place, he had an interesting response. Suns beat writer Duane Rankin reported that Durant had the following to say when asked about playing against Kyrie Irving:

“No emotions at all. It’s another game. Most of my career I played against Kyrie. He was on my team for the last couple years, but majority of my career I played against him, so I know how that feels.”

“No emotions at all. It’s another game.”Kevin Durant on playing against former #Nets teammate Kyrie Irving.”I’m glad we got the W.” #Suns #Mavs https://t.co/CpjBtT6A2b

It was definitely an interesting response from Durant, and while some might make it something that it isn’t, it’s still interesting to think about.

Durant has been asked in the past about his time in Brooklyn, and it made him emotional. However, that could be for a few different reasons. It’s not easy leaving a city after playing there for a few seasons. Durant also returned from his injury with Brooklyn, so it’s easy to see why the city has a special place in his heart.

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