“Give a Tom Brady level of commitment”

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers recently went into a darkness retreat. He escaped to a secluded area in Oregon where he spent three days alone in a cabin in nothing but darkness.

He went on the trip to help him decide what he wants to do next with his NFL career. Retiring, being traded, and returning back to the Packers are all on the table for Rodgers.

Aaron Rodgers darkness retreat has officially ended, this is where he spent his time (via @FOS) Partially underground in a Hobbit-like structure with 300 square feet of space that included:* Bathroom * Queen bed* Meditation-like mat on the floorhttps://t.co/MDflvwHg0D

Kimberly Martin on ESPN’s Get Up spoke about Rodgers’ current situation. After his darkness retreat and heavy contemplating, Martin thinks Rodgers will need a Tom Brady level of commitment for his next team.

“When you add Aaron Rodgers, it’s a completely different scenario. In Green Bay, he had the familiarity. He knew the building, knew the city, he knew the team. The only thing he didn’t have familiarity with was those young receivers. And we saw coming in that there was some[thing], the chemistry wasn’t quite right. And as the season went on, they got better. Here in New York, everything is different. So Aaron Rodgers would have to what I would say, give a Tom Brady level of commitment in the offseason.”


How much can a team trust Aaron Rodgers?

Aaron Rodgers in Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers game
Aaron Rodgers in Detroit Lions v Green Bay Packers game

If a team trades for Aaron Rodgers, they’re going to have to give up a lot in order to acquire the four-time league MVP. He’s won a Super Bowl and has been to five NFC Championship games and is considered one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

Despite all of his accolades and skillset, how much can a team trust Rodgers? He’s been leveraging the Packers the last few seasons about retiring or forcing a trade, and this may finally be the off-season where it happens.

How long can Rodgers be committed to a team? He has hinted at and contemplated retirement countless times.


Following the Packers’ divisional-round playoff loss to the 49ers in 2021, Rodgers said he wouldn’t rule out retirement.

“I wouldn’t rule that out,” Rodgers said when asked if he’s decided against retiring after 2021.

After the team’s season finale this season vs. the Detroit Lions, rookie wideout Jameson Williams asked Rodgers for a jersey swap. But the Packers QB declined, saying that he was going to hold onto his jersey, causing speculation that he could retire.

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