Fancy Buying A Cheaper iPhone14 From The US… Things You Should Know

In comparison to the rest of the world, the United States has the lowest costs for the iPhone 14. Here’s why it’s best not to buy from the United States right now.

On September 16, the iPhone 14 was released worldwide. In India, the base-level iPhone 14 model with 128GB of storage costs Rs 79,900. There is no denying that the iPhone 14 is more expensive in India than in the majority of other countries—every year, the scenario has been the same. Over the years, we’ve noticed a huge number of Indians requesting cheaper iPhones from friends or family members residing in the United States. The scenario is essentially the same this year too.

It’s only that the iPhone 14 series handsets sold in the US support eSIM and lack a SIM tray. Because you won’t be able to use your physical SIM card, if you purchase any iPhone 14 models from the United States, you will need to get eSIM support activated right away.

The eSIM-only iPhone 14’s worst flaw

Therefore, it is preferable to purchase the iPhone 14 from either Japan or Canada, where it is more affordable than in India. In fact, the cost of the iPhone 14 in these countries is very comparable to the cost in the US. When compared to the Indian market, the price of the iPhone 14 in Canada is significantly lower. In Canada, the iPhone 14 has a starting price of around Rs 67,068. Japan is yet another country where the iPhone 14 can be purchased for lower price. An iPhone 14 costs as little as Rs. 67,000 in Japan (approx).

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Should you still consider buying an iPhone 14 from the United States — Here’s DKODING things to bear in mind…

In India, the iPhone 14 series starts at Rs 79,900 for non-Pro devices and Rs 1,29,900 for Pro variants. Apple, on the other hand, indicated a significantly lower starting price of $799 (about Rs 63,590) for non-Pro models and $999 (roughly Rs 79,507) for Pro models. That’s a big price difference, but does it justify purchasing an iPhone 14 from the United States through a friend or relative? Here are a few points to think through before you do.

An additional $30 plus sales tax for an unlocked cellphone

Let’s start with the most important consideration: COST.

In the United States, the iPhone 14 series starts at $799. You’ll need an ‘unlocked’ iPhone to use with an Indian cellular operator like Airtel or Jio. Apple charges an additional $30 for an unlocked iPhone 14. Some states in the United States apply an 8% to 10% sales tax, which immediately raises prices in the United States by that amount.

The price for iPhone 14 will still be cheaper in US than what you’d pay in India, but keep the little uptick in mind.

Changing to an e-SIM

The iPhone 14-series has made the complete move to e-SIMs or electronic SIMs. Any iPhone 14 model purchased from the United States will not have a physical SIM slot. To use an iPhone 14 series handset in India, customers must first switch to e-sim.

India lacks satellite connectivity

One of the primary features of the iPhone 14 series is satellite connectivity, which Apple promoted at its launch event, demonstrating how users with an iPhone 14 series phone may send emergency messages even in the lack of cellular coverage. The capability is software-restricted, so an iPhone 14 purchased in the U.S. will not be able to use satellite connectivity in India.

Warranty Coverage Worldwide

An iPhone 14-series handset purchased in India will have the same warranty as one purchased in the United States. If you want extended warranty, you’ll probably have to buy AppleCare+ separately in India.

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