Donald Trump news today: First Georgia case court hearing looms as all 19 defendants skip arraignment

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Donald Trump news today: First Georgia case court hearing looms as all 19 defendants skip arraignment - Informative Updates™

Donald Trump’s mug shot

Donald Trump and all 18 of his co-defendants in the 2020 election interference case in Georgia have entered pleas and waived their in-person arraignments on the charges – in a move to avoid what would have been the first televised criminal court appearance for the former president and his closest allies.

On Tuesday afternoon, Misty Hampton became the final defendant to plead not guilty, striking the 6 September arraignment for all of the alleged co-conspirators.

However, despite no in-person arraignments, the first – likely televised – hearing will still go ahead in the case today.

In a filing on Tuesday, the judge set a hearing for 1pm ET on Wednesday to hear arguments about the trial scheduling and potentially breaking up the case.

Several defendants are asking for the case to be severed, while Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis wants to try all 19 together.

In other legal troubles, special counsel Jack Smith has accused Mr Trump of making “daily extrajudicial statements that threaten to prejudice the jury pool” in the federal election interference case.


Can Trump still run for president after four indictments?

There are no restrictions in the US Constitution to prevent anyone under indictment or convicted of a crime – or even currently serving prison time, for that matter – from running for or winning the presidency.

The framers likely didn’t see this as an eventuality…

Oliver O’Connell6 September 2023 09:30


Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsmax interview takes cringeworthy turn

A Newsmax interview quickly turned awkward when Donald Trump Jr’s fiancé, Kimberly Guilfoyle, recoiled at the lack of certainty in the host’s words, when he said former President Donald Trump could be her “potential” future father-in-law.

Kelly Rissman6 September 2023 08:30


Will Trump go to prison?

As his legal battles grow more complex by the day, a serious question has emerged: Whether Mr Trump will win the nomination and campaign for the general election as a convicted criminal.

That possibility, in turn, raises another, simpler question: Will the 45th President of the United States go to prison?

John Bowden6 September 2023 07:30


Why the 2024 presidential campaign may look a lot like the last one

Whether voters like it or not, a Trump-Biden rematch may be on the horizon, raising the prospect of a deeply uncertain election season that only intensifies the nation’s political divide. Already, Trump is skipping his party’s presidential debates and his court appearances are sometimes drawing more attention than his campaign stops. And Biden has barely begun to campaign as he grapples with questions about his age and his son’s legal challenges.


Trump angrily refutes claim that 14th amendment disqualifies him from presidency

Donald Trump angrily refuted the claims on his Truth Social platform that the 14th Amendment would prevent him from running for president again.

He wrote: “Almost all legal scholars have voiced opinions that the 14th Amendment has no legal basis or standing relative to the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election.”

Maroosha Muzaffar reports.

Oliver O’Connell6 September 2023 04:30


Biographer says ‘won’t be a shock’ if Biden drops out of 2024 race

A man who wrote the book on Joe Biden says he still thinks it is possible that the incumbent president steps aside and lets another Democrat head their party’s ticket in 2024.

Franklin Foer, author of the upcoming book The Last Politician, told NBC’s Meet the Press in an interview this weekend that he believes the president has carefully left open the possibility of changing his mind before the year’s end.

John Bowden6 September 2023 03:30


Has Trump made a big mistake by using his mug shot on merchandise?

Moments after his mug shot was publicly released, Donald Trump’s campaign sent out a fundraising email from the “Official Trump Store” with the image on a T-shirt.

The next day, his campaign offered supporters a “limited edition” mug shot poster signed by the former president.

Alex Woodward looks at how this could be a mistake?

Oliver O’Connell6 September 2023 02:30


Special counsel Jack Smith accuses Trump of ‘daily’ statements that could prejudice jury pool in election case

Former president has repeatedly and publicly attacked special counsel and judge in federal case.

Graeme Massie6 September 2023 02:05


Proud Boys leader boasts that ‘Trump will pardon him’

A convicted, prominent member of the neo-fascist Proud Boys gang believes that Donald Trump will pardon him if he becomes president in 2024.

Joe Biggs, who was convicted of seditious conspiracy earlier this year for his role in the Jan 6 riot at the US Capitol, was sentenced to 17 years in prison this week. Prosecutors had sought a 33-year sentence for Biggs.

Following his sentencing, he made a jailhouse phone call on Saturday to Infowars, the conspiracy theory show hosted by firebrand Alex Jones.

Graig Graziosi6 September 2023 01:30


DeSantis goes to extreme lengths to dodge questions from 15-year-old

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his campaign have gone to extraordinary lengths to avoid questions from a 15-year-old New Hampshire schoolboy after the governor’s dodging of a question from him went viral.

Gustaf Kilander6 September 2023 00:30

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