Full website making process and create a website in 2 minutes for free

In this article, we learn about the full process of website making and how to make a website for free. There are so many options for this process like which platform we used to make a website. Now in this article, we work on blogger because it is a totally free and safe platform for this process.

Also In this article I provide you some codes and themes that is helpful for website making.

Website Making Process:-

Firstly go to the Blogger and sign in to your blogger account with your email to access your blogger account. Then click ‘Create blog’. website making

make a website free-

website making

When you click on ‘Create blog’ a dialog box appears, select a title or name for your blog. website making

website making

Make Free Website-

When you click on ‘Next’, a dialog box appears that shows the’ Choose a URL’ option. This is the most important part because this is the domain of your site, this is a free subdomain that is provided by blogger. website making

website making

Before clicking ‘save’ please check your subdomain because it is most important part in this website making.

You can see the dashboard of your site. website making

website making

As you can see I named my site ‘Informative Updates Test‘. Blogger can’t provide many features but in order to make a free website. website making

Create Website For Free-

Firstly we will go to the theme I preferred NewsPlus Theme, because it is helpful for AdSense approval.

To install this theme, go to Theme Option and See there is ‘My Theme’ Option, click the drop-down option and then click restore option then click upload, new windows appear that asks you to select the theme file then open that theme. website making

website making
website making
website making

Our theme work is completed in website making process, to make a website free and highly SEO is important. Our next step is to insert some SEO codes (you need to insert codes in the ‘<head>’ tag. website making

Firstly go to the theme section and you see ‘My Theme’ Option, in the dropdown menu You want to click ‘Edit HTML’ Option. website making

website making
website making

Here are the codes that is useful in website making process:-

 <meta content='your site name' name='title'/>
<meta content='Your site description here'/>
<meta content='your keywords' name='keywords'/>
<meta content='index, follow' name='robots'/>
<meta content='text/html; charset=utf-8' http-equiv='Content-Type'/>
<meta content='English' name='language'/>
<meta content='Your name' name='author'/>

After you pasted this above code click save. After clicking the save option your site half SEO is completed. Now go to the ‘Setting’ Option and go ahead stepwise according to this article. website making

Basic Settings-

website making

First of all, there is the option ‘Title’ that holds the name of your site. All over this is the name of your site that you can edit in the future. The next option is ‘Description’, this is the identity of your site, that identifies the niche of your site. Next, mention ‘Blog language’ refers to your blog articles written in which language. website making

There is the option of adult content that is used when your site is based on adult content. The next option is ‘Google Analytics property ID’, which is used to track your blog traffic, it is optional. You must have a google analytics account. The last option in the Basic setting is Favicon, this is the site icon like this:



Full website making process and create a website in 2 minutes for free

This is the most important portion because this option allows Google and other search engines to rank your blog in search results. When you turn off this option, your blog never show in search results. Your blog miss all the traffic that come from google ranking. website making


website making

First, there is option ‘Blog address’, it holds your blog address or URL, that you created first. When you edit this you lose all the traffic and SEO of all the posts. If your blog have no posts, then you can edit this. Next, there is option ‘Custom domain’, that allows you to add custom domain, this is paid. website making


website making

This ‘HTTPS’ option shows that your site has an SSL Certificate and Secure. Always enable this option. When you enable this option your site redirected to HTTP TO HTTPS. When you disable this option Your site shows the ‘Not Secure’ option on the top, where your URL is mentioned. website making

We have done all the basic settings of SEO. Next, you need not change any setting because all settings are set to default. Next, you do the setting which is at the bottom, these settings are based on SEO and Crawling by google. website making

Meta tags:-

website making

Always enable this option, because this the original description of your site. You can write as same you write on your site described above. By enabling this option, the option ‘Search description’ is highlighted, then click on it, and write your description. website making

Crawlers and indexing:-

website making

First of all, enable Custom robots.txt, and the ‘Custom robots.txt’ option is highlighted, click on this option and fill in the code that is given below after the image.

website making
User-agent: Media partners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Disallow: /category/
Disallow: /tag/
Allow: /
Sitemap: https://www.yoursitename.com/sitemap.xml

Fill this above code and click save.

Next option is ‘Enable custom robot header tags’, in this you need to enable it. When you enable it three options are highlighted:

  • Home page tags.
  • Archives and search page tags.
  • Post and page tags.

You should click these options one by one and change there settings, first click on ‘Home page tags’ option then change these settings:

website making

Click ‘Save’ Option.

Then, change the setting of ‘Archives and search page tags’ option:

make a website free

Click ‘Save’ option.

Then change the settings of ‘Post and page tags’ option:

make a free website

Click ‘Save’ option.

All the setting are done for this part.


When you want to earn money from your blog, you need to enable this option. When your site is approved by Google AdSense, AdSense provides you an ads.txt code, just copy and paste the code to the option ‘Custom ads.txt that is highlighted by enabling the monetization option.



Thanks for reading this article if you have any questions about blogging or website making, do comment down, I will write an article on it. Now enjoy and earn money from blogging for free.

By Subodh Kaushik
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