CoCo Austin’s Daughter Chanel Makes Runway Debut AT NYFW

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Seven-year-old Chanel Nicole is literally walking in her mother CoCo Austin‘s steps, and the doting matriarch could not be prouder.

The youngster marked her runway debut in style at the New York Fashion Week, only one year after getting introduced to the fashion world.

Chanel’s laudable feat naturally got the 1998 Miss Ujena titleholder all emotional, and she could not help but showcase her daughter in action on social media alongside several highlights from the memorable fashion show.

CoCo Austin’s Daughter Stuns Fans In Snaps From NYFW Runway Debut 

CoCo, who shares Chanel with her husband of over two decades, rapper-actor Tracy “Ice-T” Marrow, recently flooded her Instagram with adorable snaps from her time at the NYFW with her baby girl.

Coco Austin's daughter Chanel makes runway debut at NYFW
Instagram | CoCo Austin

The carousel began with views of herself and her cousin Stephanie before showing the girl of the hour posing with friends in multiple slides. In one of the photos, the TV personality was captured with rapper Lil Kim, whose daughter also graced the runway alongside Stephanie’s daughter.

The highlight of the carousel was the final slide, where Chanel was filmed doing her thing on the runway with confidence while her loved ones, including her dad, could be heard gushing in the background.

The seven-year-old mini-icon strutted on the platform like a pro, and upon reaching the edge, she raised her hands and blew a kiss to the crowd before exiting.

An overjoyed CoCo announced in the post’s caption, “Chanel was in her first fashion show yesterday called @rookieusa. Also, my cousin Stephanie’s little girl @lacey.lynne_ got [to] walk the runway too.” 

She also admitted that it was a “special day,” adding that some friends showed up, including Lil Kim and her daughter Royale, who is Chanel’s friend.  Raving more about the accomplishment, the 1997 Swimwear Illustrated cover star wrote, “It was cute to see all 3 girls walk the runway!! I got teary-eyed.”

In no time, thousands took to the comments to congratulate the excited mother-and-daughter duo while showering Chanel with praises for her budding modeling prowess. A fan exclaimed, “Awww 😍😍😍😍😍 so precious & amazing!!!” while another penned, “So proud of Chanel!!!! ⭐️.” A third fan called Chanel a “SUPER STAR,” and a fourth added, “Baby girl: go get ’em! ❤️.”

An ensuing comment read, “Chanel’s self-confidence is so wonderful to see! Her dimple knocks me out. 😍” and a sixth followed, “I feel you @coco ❤️ she’s so amazing – tears of joy ❤️.”

One Instagram user who was all about CoCo’s “proud mamma moment” noted that Chanel was “killing it,” same with another who expressed, “I just love her so much 🥰 The kiss at the end is the sweetest 💋.”

Subsequently, a thrilled follower remarked, “Gorgeous, hot, and sexy as always, Coco! Great show, and Chanel may have a future in modeling 😉😊🙂😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️.”

Such an exciting moment would prompt fans to recall when the “Desert Rose” actress announced her daughter’s introduction to the fashion world in September 2022. As seen on her Instagram feed at the time, she posted eight snaps from her time with the youngster during the New York Fashion Week, including a glimpse of them sitting in the front row at designer Patricia Field’s fashion show.

For the occasion, Chanel was dressed in a black shirt tucked into a little plaid skirt while her mom unsurprisingly drew attention by donning a long fitted blue dress accentuating her ample features. “Took Chanel to her 1st fashion Show during #fashionweeknyc with close friends @treachtribe and Cicely (Ice was working),” CoCo disclosed in the caption.

The ‘Ice Loves CoCo’ Star Received Support After Posting Twerking Video Of Her Daughter

Less than a year ago, CoCo drew significant criticism for sharing a twerking video of her child on Instagram. However, a couple of fans supported her.

The clip, which showed her enjoying a fun moment with family, was partly captioned, “Gotta love family time! The adults in our family were doing a TikTok, and Chanel runs out in the middle to bust a move to make us laugh.”

Ice-T along with his wife Coco and daughter Chanel Nicole, arrive in swimwear at the Tampa Bay Daylife party

Although the clip was intended to be hilarious, some viewers took it seriously, including one who remarked, “SMH just whyyyy, this is not okay!” followed by another criticizing comment: “Not a good look at all 😮.”  

Even so, others were not so disapproving, as one supporter noted that the 44-year-old star’ baby was having fun with family, which they felt was “completely normal.”

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