Brit lad, 24, left in coma with brain clot ‘the size of a tennis ball’ after ‘attack by Magaluf nightclub bouncer’

A BRIT tourist was left in a coma with a blood clot the size of a tennis ball after reportedly being the victim of a vicious attack at a nightclub in Magaluf.

Joshua Pesticcio, 24, from Cardiff, director of a structural steel fabrication company, was allegedly set upon by the bouncer at a nightclub on the Spanish island of Majorca.

Steven Pesticcio

Brit Joshua Pesticcio was left in a coma after he was allegedly assaulted by a bouncer in Magaluf[/caption]

He suffered a broken cheekbone, nose, and jaw following the attack
Steven Pesticcio
Joshua had travelled to Magaluf with his father and friends in June

He needed emergency surgery following the alleged assault and suffered a broken cheekbone, nose, and jaw as well as a bleed on his brain.

The Brit also spent two to three days in an induced coma following the attack.

He has since returned home but says he still suffers from memory issues as a result of the alleged assault.

Joshua’s father Steven, also from Cardiff, claims the shocking attack came after his son’s friend spilt a drink in Tiger Tiger nightclub on the Magaluf Strip.



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Steven travelled with five pals and their sons – all in their early 20s – to the Brit holiday hotspot for a weekend away in late June

He told The Sun Online what happened next.

“On the first night, a couple of the lads were messing around, giving the others a piggyback in the nightclub,” he said.

Steven admits the group was messing around but says his son wasn’t one of them and was attacked when he tried to act as a peacemaker.

“My son’s gone over to calm it down and he’s hit him from the side with a knuckle duster.”

Joshua told The Sun Online: “One of the boys in the group had spilt a drink in the corner and the bouncers were being heavy-handed and over the top.

“Being one of the older guys in the group I’ve seen this happen and gone over to try to calm the scenario down before it escalated into something it didn’t need to.

“The other guys in the group said that I have headed towards the exit with one of the bouncers. According to the guys in the group, around 20 minutes had passed and I was nowhere to be seen.”

When Joshua’s pals went outside to look for him, they found him face down on the road with blood pouring on his head.

One of the group ran over to pick him up while another went inside to get help.

When the rest of the group came out, Joshua says they were met by a group of bouncers “wearing knuckle dusters”.

“The bouncer started attacking everyone else, then the local police turned up and started hitting everybody,” Steven added.

Somebody has to put out a warning that it [Magaluf] isn’t safe for British tourists

Steven PesticcioFather, Joshua Pesticcio

“One of my son’s mates had to lie across him to stop the police from finishing him off.”

Joshua said the police used batons and pepper spray to attack the group.

It took two hours to get an ambulance to the area, by which point Joshua’s condition had worsened.

The dad was asleep at the hotel at the time when one of the lads Joshua was with came to tell him that Joshua was in hospital.

Steven arrived just as Joshua was being wheeled out of surgery.

“They performed emergency surgery on my son, they said he had a clot the size of a tennis ball,” Steven said.

“He sustained a broken cheekbone, a broken nose, and a broken jaw.”

Joshua added that both of his eyes were “bruised and filled with blood” following the attack.

Steven has hit out at the actions not only of the nightclub bouncer, but also of police in Magaluf.

“I went to police that same day to report an attempted murder,” he said. “The police gave me a crime number. But that night, I went to Tiger Tiger and that thug bouncer is still on the door.”

Trip Advisor

The alleged attack took place at Tiger Tiger nightclub on the Magaluf Strip[/caption]

Paul Edwards

Joshua’s father claims Magaluf ‘isn’t safe’ for Brit tourists[/caption]


Magaluf is extremely popular with Brit holidaymakers[/caption]

Steven had pictures of the bouncer taken on the night and says this was the same man.

“I went into the police station two days later, and they told me to get out,” he said. “One of the officers chased after me and threatened me.”

Steven claims the cop warned him not to “make trouble” for him and his “friends”.

Thankfully, Joshua was released from hospital a week later and was given the all-clear to go home.

“He’s ok, he’s recovered, but he’s still suffering from short-term memory problems,” Steven said.

And he believes his son’s horrifying experience in Magaluf was far from a one-off.

Just weeks after Joshua was attacked, another Brit was allegedly beaten up by bouncers in Magaluf.

Toby White-Sansom, 35, tragically died five days after the brutal reported assault which also took place on the Magaluf Strip.

His brother Maximilian White claimed Toby was “violently assaulted by bouncers” at the famous Boomerang nightclub on the night of Monday, July 25.

“Somebody has to put out a warning that it isn’t safe for British tourists,” Steven added. “They complain about drunk Brits, but they want us to spend our money.

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“Once we’ve spent it, they beat us up and throw us out.”

The Sun Online has approached Tiger Tiger in Magaluf and the Guardia Civil in Majorca for comment.