Bestselling ‘Atomic Habits’ author’s No. 1 rule for more productivity

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There are many distractions that can get in the way of work — but the “greatest interruption” to productivity is the mindless scrolling of phones, according to bestselling author James Clear. 

“It’s so top-of-mind, [your phone’s] right next to you at all times. It’s there to interrupt almost any focused, creative task that you’re trying to work on,” Clear shared on his newly launched course on MasterClass, where he refreshed his “Atomic Habits” philosophy.

“The choices that you make on your screen at home often end up shaping where you spend your time throughout the workday. Maybe, you download Instagram when you’re at home. But then you find yourself scrolling mindlessly for 30 minutes while you’re at work.” 

You want fewer steps between you and the desired behavior and more steps between you and the undesired behavior.

Interruptions like social media or constant notifications ultimately prevent us from “performing at a high level,” said Clear — but there are ways to dial back distractions and optimize consumption habits. 

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