Andrew Tate reacts to ‘Coronation Street’ actor apologizing for liking his tweet

Andrew Tate has reacted to the apology of Adam Hussain, a Coronation Street actor who liked a host of tweets from the controversial internet personality.

Hussain received backlash from fans on social media after liking tweets which often referred to Tate’s time in prison or him feeling suppressed by the mainstream media.

An example of one of the tweets Adam Hussain liked:

30 more days on house arrest. 30 more days suppressed. No EMs. I havnt been free for a single day this year.The battle rages against Shaitan.

Following the backlash, the Coronation Street actor issued a statement of apology. According to Hussain, he didn’t know who Andrew Tate was or that he was arrested on suspicion of rape, human trafficking and conspiring to form a criminal group. Hussain stated:

“I’m really sorry if my ‘liking’ of these tweets has caused any offence to our viewers and my colleagues. I wasn’t aware of Andrew Tate and his background and I would never endorse those views. I liked some of his tweets in the moment with no reference to his back story. I will be more careful in future.”

‘Top G’ has since reacted to Hussain’s apology, claiming that the actor is a ‘p*ssy’ for backtracking and apologizing. He wrote:


Tate added:

“I teach men to become filfthy rich. You can be an actor – but they still have you by the balls. He agrees with me, but backtracks like ickle pussybowy or he gets FIRED. Money is ULTRA important to escape the slave mind. Learn what you need to escape.”

I teach men to become filthy rich.You can be an actor – but they still have you by the balls.He agrees with me, but backtracks like ickle pussybowy or he gets FIRED.Money is ULTRA important to escape the slave mind.Learn what you need to escape:…

Andrew Tate shares latest theory which takes shots at transgender community

Andrew Tate is no stranger to making outlandish claims or stirring up controversy after previously stating he is a mysogonist and suggesting the world is being controlled by ‘The Matrix‘.

Tate has since wasted no time in stirring up more drama following his latest tirade on Twitter. According to the social media influencer, his world is becoming limited because he dares to question everything. ‘Cobra’ tweeted:

Because I tell young men to question everything, work hard, go to the gym, get as rich as possible, never quit, respect themselves and that all the pain will be worth it in the end. I am banned from being discussed in schools around the world. The British government has an……

Amongst the lengthy post, Tate addressed the transgender community, stating their influence on young minds is “poisonous”:

“But if I cut my dick off and wore a dress and told men to do the same, I wouldn’t be seen as poisonous to the minds of the youth. I would be PROMOTED and EMBRACED. Its very clear that the people who are against me are afraid that I am teaching men to be GOOD men. Theyre afraid of me being so influential because they dont want me to HELP men be GOOD. The logical extension is that my enemies are simply evil. It is good vs evil. It is God against Satan. It is the battle for humanity.”

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